SANS Institute Training in Cardiff (for the first time) – Events: 30 Sep – 5 Oct 2019

SANS Institute supports the thriving Welsh cyber ecosystem by bringing world-leading cyber security training to Cardiff for the first time at the end of September.

They will be running a week-long Cardiff event to increase accessibility of SANS cyber security training for businesses and organisations that are part of the Cyber Wales Ecosystem.

The move recognises what has been a well-kept secret for several years – Wales has a thriving cyber ecosystem, with large companies like Airbus, Thales, BT, AML, and General Dynamics, and indeed SANS itself, choosing to locate either their European headquarters or significant cyber operations in and around South Wales. A number of cyber focused military units are also based in Wales, and the area around Newport is home to large government organisations such as Companies House, the Passport office, and the Office for National Statistics, with the DVLA further West in Swansea, all of which process vast quantities of UK citizens’ data and have a high level of responsibility to keep that data safe. These huge consumers of cyber have supported, and are being supported, by a vast network of cyber specialist SMEs.

Stephen Jones, SANS MD for the UK and Nordics, says: ‘All of this cyber activity in South Wales means that there is a significant need to develop cyber talent in the region and keep current the skills of those already working in the cyber industry in Wales. It’s a perfect time for us to launch SANS Cardiff, which will enable security professionals in the region to further develop their skills and knowledge, extending South Wales’ cyber threat capabilities.”

Sophie Howe, Future Generations Commissioner for Wales, sums it up: “The world is changing rapidly and skills in cyber security will be vital for any organisation to consider itself fit for the future. Public bodies in Wales now have duties under the Future Generations Act to ensure that they are planning for the long term. Ensuring their own workforce is well equipped with the right skills for the future will be a key part of this, as well as recognising the opportunities to the wider economy that could be achieved by developing the capacity of Wales as a nation to meet the demand for these skills.”

SANS Cardiff will be running three courses:

SEC401: Security Essentials Bootcamp Style – Ross Bergman
SEC560: Network Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking – Adrien de Beaupre
FOR500: Windows Forensic Analysis – Mike Pilkington

For more information on the courses, please visit

Cyber Survey from South West and Wales Universities – Deadline: 9 August 2019

The Universities of Bristol, Bath, Cardiff and Gloucestershire, alongside commercial partners are wishing to understand the landscape for cyber and cyber security businesses across the region to better inform our approach to supporting regional organisations.

We would like to understand what you view as the main barriers to your growth aspirations and whether plans to develop a ‘Cyber West and Wales’ ecosystem will help meet your needs. The aim is to create a world leading cyber innovation ecosystem which will focus on:

  • Create unique large-scale research platforms aimed at the cybersecurity challenges of infrastructure systems
  • Support establishing new business growth and enterprise facilities
  • Support basic training and provision of specialist up-skilling activities
  • Grow capacity for world class research
  • Develop an industrial cyber super-cluster
  • Harness the diversity of experience, talent, insight and entrepreneurial skills from all parts of our community

You are invited to complete an online survey to provide your views of the specific requirements for your business and the cyber security sector as a whole. The link to the survey can be found below:

We request that you complete the survey by Friday 9th August.

No individual comments or views will be disclosed in any analysis. Only aggregated and anonymised data from the survey will be used to inform how the project is developed.The survey should take no more than 10 to 15 minutes to complete, please feel free to pass on to other colleagues and organisations.

Thank you very much for participating in advance.

Profs Awais Rashid, Peter Burnap, Adam Joinson and Stephen Marston

Cyberwatching GDPS Compliance Webinar – Event: 18 July 2019

GDPR Compliance in the age of Emerging Technologies”. – Webinar – 18/7/2019, 9:30 am BST

Emerging technologies can boost performance and productivity for organisations across Europe. The development and application of technologies such as AI, blockchain and cloud computing are key competitive factors for businesses boosting performance, productivity and the European Digital Single Market.

At the same time, Europeans have set high standards for digital privacy. The GDPR now enforces stricter regulations on data handling and processing. But this may make it more difficult for organisations reap the benefits that these technologies deliver through massive data and high-quality algorithms and at the same time be GDPR compliant.

From privacy by design and compliance tool kits, European research is leading the way in ensuring organisations from both the public and private sector can respect the GDPR and still benefit from the opportunities that emerging technologies offer.

Europe recognizes these challenges and in this webinar, you can hear how 6 EC-funded projects (BPR4GDPRDEFENDPAPAYAPDP4EPOSEIDONSMOOTHare upgrading Europe’s technological ability to address these issues and ensure that Europe continues to innovate in this space.

European Space Agency Cyber Initiative Webinar – Event 21 August 2019


The European Space Agency’s Business Applications Department, is launching an initiative related to space based services for Cyber Security (

This initiative will offer 100% zero-equity funding up to € 200.000 per activity to businesses who intend to use space (satellite navigation, earth observation, satellite telecommunication, space weather, space technologies) to develop innovative cyber-security services and solutions.

Funding eligibility: Funded participation to ESA Business Applications is open to any company and/or organisation, be it as group of users, public body or non-governmental organisation, residing in any of those states that subscribe to the ARTES IAP programme. To date, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom have subscribed.

To learn more please attend our webinar on
21/08/2019 at 11:00 CEST or visit our website:

You can also contact or before the call opens on 22 August 2019.

Please feel free to share this message and flyer.

Donna Lyndsay
European Space Agency UK Business Applications Regional Ambassador (South West England and South Wales)
University of Exeter

RAK SME Fair, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE – Event: 14- 16 November 2019

Companies within Cyber Wales are being offered a subsidized price by the Government of Ras Al Khaimah in the UAE for their upcoming event.

RAK-SME Fair 2019 is devoted to the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, providing a precious platform for small businesses to market their businesses and interact with prominent business leaders and representatives from a number of local and international companies. Stimulate business growth and allowing both exhibitors and visitors alike to forge new business opportunities.

It is not a part of the public news but the first one to come will get subsidized rate as exhibitor (3 x 3 meter) for a price of 750 USD.

As this is not yet part of a public news but soon it will be with a validity until 15th July maximum and then the rates will increase.

Upon your interest you will deal with the Government and/or Government-approved entities directly and the fees will be paid to the Government directly.

For more information please contact Faheem Azhar

Security BSides Cymru – Event 28 September 2019

Security BSides is a community-driven framework for building events, by and for, information security community members.

These events are already happening in major cities all over the world and the BSides Cymru team are responsible for organising an independent BSides-Approved event for Cymru/Wales. As all Security BSides events around the world, Security BSides Cymru is an open event organized by the community, for the community.

Want to Volunteer?
The organizers are all volunteers who believed that such an international event should also come to the heart of Wales and they are looking for volunteers who would like to help with the event, especially on the day of the conference. If you believe you could give a hand on the day, do not hesitate to contact the volunteers’ email (volunteers|@|bsides|.|cymru)

Want to Sponsor?
Support the initiative to bring the event to Wales by being a sponsor. Companies offering their services in Wales and worldwide can be recognised further not only as a brand but most importantly for their role in supporting the Welsh Information Security community.

Want to Present?
Looking to present at BSidesCymru 2019? Look no further. We welcome applications from seasoned presenters, first timers, the highly technical and the broad areas of information security management. As this is the inaugural Security BSides Cymru, you are guaranteed to go down in the annals of history (for a number of reasons, some may be better than others). Fill in your details here:

What is BSides?
Security BSides (commonly referred to as BSides) is a series of loosely affiliated information security conferences. It was created in 2009 when, due to an overwhelming number of presentation submissions to Black Hat USA, the rejected presentations were presented to a smaller group of individuals. Over time the conference format matured and was released to enable individuals to start their own BSides conferences.

We are all looking forward to the first ever BSides Cymru – let’s make it a great success!

Cyber Security Sector Research – Deadline: ASAP

Miller Research has been commissioned by Cardiff University to undertake research into the cyber security sector in Wales. The intention of research is to supply the cyber security research centre at Cardiff University, and the Wales cyber security industry with comprehensive sector information. The pan-Wales analysis aims to provide an understanding of regional strengths,
highlighting any areas of unique activity, to enable it to better support and help expand Wales’ growing and vibrant cyber security ecosystem.

The research includes an online survey of organisations working in cyber security in Wales. We are hoping that you would complete the survey. The survey is endorsed by Welsh Government and your feedback would be very much appreciated.

A copy of the final report from the research will be sent to all survey respondents and key findings will be shared widely with the Wales cyber security industry.

The survey should only take 5-10 minutes to complete and can be accessed via the link below:

if you have any questions about the research, please feel free to contact Kerry KilBride from Miller Research on 01873 851 886 or

Data Innovation Accelerator Launch – Event: 18 June 2019

We are delighted to invite you to attend the launch of the Data Innovation Accelerator at Milk & Sugar, The Old Library, The Hayes, Cardiff on Tuesday 18 June 2019 from 5.30pm-7.30pm. Short speeches will begin at 6pm, followed by a light buffet and refreshments. Do you know of any SMEs who could benefit from our support? If so, contact us and we will send them an invitation too.

The Data Innovation Accelerator project has been part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Welsh Government with the aim of increasing the successful translation of data science research and innovation at Cardiff University into new and improved commercial products, processes and services.

Our data science team will work collaboratively with small and medium-sized enterprises in the ‘East Wales’ region to address specific short-term business challenges and to explore avenues for future integration of data science techniques into companies’ day-to-day operations.

Our vision is to contribute to business strength in Wales through data science, and to inspire small companies to integrate data modelling, engineering and analysis into their practices.

We hope that you are able to join us and look forward to hearing from you.

Professor Roger Whitaker & Professor Pete Burnap
Directors, Data Innovation Accelerator, Cardiff University

Call for Partners from NW ROCU

Do you want to help us protect people from cyber crime?
We’re looking for like-minded individuals to spread the word as widely as they can about the latest scams, threats and advice. That way the region can become more clued up about cyber crime, and together we can make the North West safer online.

It could be that you work for an organisation and are able to persuade your communications team to support a marketing campaign either on your staff intranet or public facing website.

Maybe you are from an IT/Cyber company and you want to ensure the advice you are giving your customers and suppliers about new threats is up to date.

It might just be that you are able to share any messaging we give you on your social media platforms.

Perhaps you are part of a business networking group like a Chamber of Commerce and you are able to share information with your members.

Whatever it is, we’d like to know how you can help and we’re always open to ideas.

So what does it involve?

The first thing we want to do is share information with you about a forthcoming campaign taking place on the 7th June (eeek!) around Phishing e-mails. We have pre-written content which could be used within a newsletter, intranet or website. This is accompanied by social media posts and graphics with its own campaign hashtag. We’d like as many partners as possible to sign up and pledge to support the campaign. We’d need to know what you are able to do to show your support, for example, ‘shared the messages on twitter, our account has XXXX followers’ or ‘created a page on our staff intranet page which reaches XXX employees’. Sending us this feedback through is vital in order for us to show the reach of this work.

How often will I receive information?

How long is a piece of string? In the world of cyber, things move very fast and are always changing. One month we might only contact you once with a new marketing campaign theme around a specific issue. The next month there might be two or three new threats to tell you about. But we promise not to bombard you, and if you change your mind about receiving stuff from us you can always un-subscribe.

How to you get involved?

Simply click on the text below to show your support, then we’ll create a mailing list and add you onto it.

Yes please i’d like to support NW ROCU