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NCSC Industry 100 Partnerships

Cyber Wales has mulitple individuals who are members of the NCSC i100 Partnership. i100 is the NCSC's principal initiative to facilitate close collaboration with the best and most diverse minds from outside the organisation. Industry100 brings together public and private sector talent to challenge thinking, test innovative ideas and enable greater understanding on cyber security. Under Industry100, NCSC are bringing industry and government expertise together in a way that helps us all learn lessons, identify systemic vulnerabilities and reduce the future impact of cyber attacks.

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NCSC CyberFirst Programme

CyberFirst is a programme of opportunities to help young people aged 11 - 17 years explore their passion for tech by introducing them to the fast paced world of cyber security. CyberFirst covers a broad range of activities: a comprehensive bursary scheme to financially support undergraduates through university and a degree apprenticeship scheme; a girls' only competition and thousands of free places on CyberFirst courses at UK universities and colleges. There’s even Cyber Discovery; our online extracurricular programme.

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Founding Member of Global EPIC

The wide range of cyber security activity and depth of cyber expertise in Wales has been recognised and acknowledged on the global stage. Cyber Wales are one of the 14 founding members of GlobalEPIC - the Global Ecosystem of Ecosystems Partnership in Innovation and Cybersecurity - bringing together the world's foremost cyber security communities from 10 countries spanning 3 continents. Through the various Cyber Wales organisations, members can communicate and collaborate directly with thousands of cyber experts from around the world.

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North Wales Tech

North Wales Tech is a community group aimed at bringing together like-minded people working in the IT and software development industries in North Wales. Cyber Wales partner with North Wales Tech to offer events and challenges based on the latest leading technologies and cutting edge security requirements. For those in or near North Wales with an interest in technology, software development or hardware hacking. North Wales Tech are a friendly bunch who organise talks, events, presentations and social events.

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