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About Cyber Primes in Wales

Our unique concentration of Defence related cyber operations in and around Wales, along with the giant Public Sector cyber consumers that have been co-located to capitalise on those operations, has motivated many of the world's leading cyber prime contractors to site their EMEA, European and/or UK headquarters in Wales as well.

Anchor companies such as Airbus, Thales, QinetiQ, General Dynamic, BAe, BT, CGI, Alert Logic, Dytecna and Arrow who are committed to supporting the local economy, also build their own supply chains which benefits more companies in the industry.

For example, see this video featuring Dr Kevin Jones from Airbus giving a virtual keynote for the BSides Conference in Athens...

About Companies in Wales with Cyber Teams

Cyber security is not just about cyber security companies, it's about cyber security people and Wales has more than its fair share of large and mid-range companies that have excellent cyber security teams in house.

Industry leaders like SANS Institute<, Admiral Insurance, GoCompare, Money Supermarket, Shell, PwC, KPMG, IQE, NGD and RackSpace, are all on the front line of the battle against cyber crime and they invest significantly in their cyber protection capabilities. Building and sustaining defensive (and sometimes active) cyber teams in these large companies not only helps to drive cyber education and training locally to fuel the required recruitment, it also generates even more skilled and knowledgeable cyber security professionals across Wales.

For example, see this video featuring the SANS Institute, the largest cyber training company in the world who's EMEA HQ is in Swansea, running the UK Government's Cyber Retraining Academy in Cardiff...

About Cyber SME's in Wales

With such a plethora of Defence organisations, Government agencies, prime contractors and large companies all running cyber operations, it is hardly surprising that skilled people have been attracted to Wales for decades. It is also not surprising that many of these people go on to form their own businesses. Large organisations are always looking for SMEs to work with and this makes Wales a fertile environvent for innovators and entrepreneurs in the cyber space.

There are around 400 cyber companies in the Cyber Wales Ecosystem, far too many to mention them all here. There are some notable award-winning examples however such as Awen who provide forensic solutions for industrial control systems in the MOD, Secti who perform malware analytics to the Police, Fortium who provide digital content protection solutions to HBO and Disney and Pervade Software who Dark Web threat hunting to law enforcement and run the platform that the UK's Cyber Essentials Scheme is run on.

For example, see this video featuring Capital Network Solutions who have helped more organisations to become Cyber Essentials certified than any other organisation in the UK...

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