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The only Royal Corps of Signals Reserve Unit in Wales!

Find out why 53 Squadron could be the next big challenge that may well change your life!

Some of the officers, NCOs and troops of the 53 (Welsh) Signal Squadron on exercise in Cyprus


What do we mean when we say "Reserves" (not the "TA" any more!)?

In 2012 the Defence Secretary unveiled plans to revolutionise the UK's Armed Forces including a major shift in the role of the Territorial Army (TA), the Royal Auxilliary Air Force (RAuxAF) and the Royal Navy Reserve (RNR).

The new role has been reflected in the new title of "Reserve Forces" to stress that the Reserves are now an integral part of UK's forces, training and working alongside regular serving personnel.

For example, the Regular Army has been reduced by 40% over the last 5 years while the Army Reserve has been doubled in strength and is being trained up to "be on the bench for the first team" and be ready to perform to the same standard when required.

Reserve Forces are now routinely deployed as part of Regular Units to theatres of operations (on a voluntary basis of course).

We use the same kit, get the same training and receive the same pay for doing the same job and people who would enjoy the unique military camararderie blended into their civilian careers and family life are faced with boundless opportunities.

This has presented some challenges for employers but the MoD have also revolutionised the terms of services and benefits to organisations who demonstrate themselves to be "Armed Forces Friendly Employers".


The Royal Corps of Signals is one of the combat support arms of the British Army. Signals units are among the first into action, providing the battlefield communications and information systems essential to all operations. Colloquially referred to by some as "Siggies", Royal Signals units provide the full telecommunications infrastructure for the Army wherever they operate in the world. The Corps has its own engineers, logistics experts and systems operators to run radio and area networks in the field. It is responsible for installing, maintaining and operating all types of telecommunications equipment and information systems, providing support to commanders and their headquarters, and conducting electronic warfare against enemy communications.

Soldier First,
Signaller Always!
Systems Operator
Logistics Specialist
Cyber Security

Like all soldiers, signallers need to be able to survive and thrive in the battlefield. Basic Training on Weapons, Drill, Fieldwork, Fitness, Teamwork & Admin will ensure that, if necessary, you can take care of yourself and others.

The backbone of the Royal Signals, the "CS Ops" work in any environment, no matter how tough, inhospitable or dangerous. Their role is to operate digital, satellite and mobile communications systems across the battlefield.

The driving force behind the Royal Signals, getting the right equipment in the right quantity to the right place at the right time. "Loggies" deal with everything from explosives to mission critical life saving equipment.

Extra-curricular skills training is a vital component in developing confidence, fitness, agility & teamwork. Adventure training including Kayaking, Climbing, Mountain Biking, Survival and Skiing is available to everyone.

Cyber security is vital to the welfare and defence of the nation and the British Army is constantly working to safeguard its data and infrastructure. Training is available in IT, Apps & Data and Cyber Security Operations.


Apart from the fact that we're Welsh!

Have you ever talked to someone who has served with the Armed Forces? They use phrases like "family", "a band of brothers" and "the best days of my life". Have you ever seen ex-forces veterans when they get together? They slip so easily back into the banter and closeness and talk about the experiences they shared in that unique common language full of nick-names and acronyms.

Reserves live busy lives, with jobs and/or education, families and hobbies. However, they are also part of the massive Armed Forces Family and the experiences they share, pushing themselves to achieve incredible things together on drill nights, on weekends, on training camps form the same close bonds and build relationships and memories that last a lifetime.

Meet some of the gang from 53 Squadron who have already discovered how amazing being part of the Armed Forces can be...

Meet Cpl LBJ,
A Soldier First
Meet LCpl SG
CS Operator
Meet Cpl "Big Mac"
Logistics Specialist
Meet Cpl JD
Signals Ski Team
Meet Cpl PT
Cyber Specialist

Leading out a Section of troops on an Escape & Evasion exercise in Cyprus 2018.

Relaying intelligence reports from a Command Vehicle in Sennybridge 2017.

Delivering fresh batteries and replacement antenna rigging to an Observation Post in Penally, 2017.

Competing in the Royal Corps of Signals Snowboarding Championships in Val-d'Isère 2017.

Vulnerability scanning a Red Team Honey Pot Server during war games with the Cyber Troop 2018.

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