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Providing a Soft Landing in Wales - a Gateway to Europe

Cyber Wales provides a comprehensive Soft Landing Programme for people and/or organisations wishing to visit, collaborate, test the UK and European market or relocate.

Candidates produce a brief prospectus (which we will help to fine tune, it will be shared with the members of the Cyber Wales Ecosystem and if any people or companies volunteer to assist, then arrangements will be made to commence a Soft Landing Project.

Offerings would typically include:-

  • 6 hours 1-1 time with a Cyber Wales mentor over a 1-2 month period
  • Introduction to/setting up of 8 meetings for soft-landers with relevant potential business partners, which can include but not limited to: potential resellers and customers, business partners, incubators and academics.
  • 10 days physical desk space (should this be permitted in the circumstances)
  • Introduction to VC/funders where relevant
  • Introduction to regional development and other government agencies where relevant
  • Invitation to speak at suitable events
  • Inclusion on a mailing list for in-country relevant information

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