Cyber Security Guidance

Demystifying the Cyber Arena

Cyber security in general can be a confusing area to understand. There is a lot of conflicting advice and understanding what is good and what is bad can be crucial to your success as bad cyber advice can be worse than no cyber advice in a lot of cases.

Cyber Wales look to offer advice and guidance to both our members and other businesses which is in line with industry best practice and the latest intelligence.

With the NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) in the UK being the authority for all things cyber, we endeavour to ensure that our members and any other guidance issued follows their lead.

If you are a business looking to either improve their security position or just wondering whats available, please visit our Business Guidance page for details of the Cyber Essentials Scheme.

If you are a school or a college looking to improve the way that you teach cyber security, please visit our Education Guidance page for details of the CyberFirst Schools Scheme. If you have any other questions or need help either individually or as a business, below are a number of links to trusted sources for cyber information.

  • NCSC - As the authority for cyber in the UK, the NCSC advice and guidance pages are a great source of honest and current advice.
  • Get Safe Online - Offers unbiased advice on all things related to personal and business online safety.
  • TARIAN ROCU - the South Wales Organised Crime Unit Cyber Team are happy to help and offer a variety of 'free to business' services.
  • North West ROCU - North Wales is supported by the North West Organised Crime Unit Cyber Team who publish guidance and services here.

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