All Wales Cyber Security Cluster - 16 February 2021
16th February 2021 | 14:00 - 16:00

Here we are, knee deep in another Covid Lockdown we decided to talk about business growth opportunities.

Many small businesses, who managed to survive the first wave of Covid, are suffering more this time round. What we need now are ideas, encouragement and being pointed in the right direction to help find innovative new ways to market ourselves, identify and attract prospects and generate revenue in this strange new business environment.

We were joined by The Development Banc of Wales which was formed 20 years ago and are committed to helping.

The Banc's stated aim is to unlock potential in the economy of Wales by increasing the provision of sustainable, effective finance in the market. They achieve this by directing public funds to where they can have most impact - on a larger scale, at a faster speed, and in a sustainable way.

Simon Thelwall-Jones, Director of Technology Ventures and his colleague David Blake, Investment Executive gave a presentation about the Banc, the criteria used to decide which companies to help and the processes involved in an engagement.

Simon has worked in the venture capital/private equity industry since the early 1990s. During his career he has had both new investment and portfolio roles, and also been involved in corporate M&A, for both private and public companies, creating substantial value for SME/corporate stake holders.

David Blake is a fully qualified member and fellow of the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants who has worked in the power generation, ad-tech, medical device and defence industries. He has previously developed a block-chain based application as well as started a software as a service (SaaS) accountancy reporting business.

We also made time for an open chat and shared ideas and experiences to help your fellow Cluster members.

Link to the Slides used at the event - (DBW Slide Deck)

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