All Wales Cyber Security Cluster - June 2020
16th June 2020 | 14:00 - 16:00

It had been a busy time for Cyber Security Professionals trying to run businesses during a lockdown, amid upheaval in our working practices and the ever-present threat of a debilitating illness.

So we thought we'd give everyone a chance to pause for a few moments to look at some of the latest threats to see what is hitting our companies and clients businesses and explore how we can help them.

Two weeks ago and NHS Trust in England was hit by the HARMA Virus, a derivative of the infamous Dharma Virus (which the FBI ranked as being the second highest earning ransomware of all time) but the code had been changed to better exploit RDP in response to the massive increase in home workers and remote sites.

This week the NHS were hit again by the SMBleed Virus, a sister to the SMBGhost Virus (also called CoronaBlue) a nasty Remote Code Execution hack. A PoC for SMBGhost was recently released which prompted heated debate about the advisability of sharing working code for such dangerous hacks when organisations are stretched so thin, with staff and resource issues and, in the case of the NHS with other things on their minds!

The session this month was an informal presentation of some background information to these attacks and an opportunity to ask technical questions about them and explore ways to mitigate against them, monitor and identify them and recover from them.

The meeting was run as a webinar and more than 70 attendees from the Cyber Wales Ecosystem, including overseas partners, joined in to help make this a relaxed and chatty session.

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