All Wales Cyber Security Cluster - 16 March 2021
16th March 2021 | 14:00 - 16:00

The Cyber Security Clusters in the UK are evolving and the UK Government wants to help!

Cyber crime is still growing and cyber professionals from all over the world are constantly thinking of new ways to enlighten people and organisations to the threat whilst trying to keep up with bigger and more damaging cyber attacks. Cyber Security Clusters have proved their value time and again as a way to spread information and intelligence, share best practice and help cyber companies to form, join the fight and grow. Some of these Clusters pay a heavy price however if they fail to lay solid foundations, don't do the best for their members, don't manage themselves properly or become self-serving and we have seen Clusters form, flounder and die-off on the front lines of this battle.

Over the last year or so a number of the UK Cyber Clusters have been working behind the scenes with DCMS to explore ways to help Clusters to be more stable and help them to provide better services to their members with support from the UK Government. The Cluster Working Group has been developing an Operating Framework which will provide a foundation for new Clusters to adopt and to standardise the way existing Clusters work.

Richard Yorke, a founder member and director of Cyber Cheltenham CIC (CyNam) who is recognised in the cyber industry for being the founder of Deep3, formed in 2014, which grew and thrived and was acquired by CACI Ltd in 2019. Richard has coordinated the Cluster Working Group to the point where the Framework has been accepted by the majority of Clusters and by DCMS who are working towards a Governance Model that will enable UK Government to provide formal funding for some cluster activities.

We are looking forward to hearing from Richard all about this important work that demonstrates that the Clusters of the UK are rallying around a common vision and mission and, through doing this, aligning themselves much more closely with UK Govt and the Depts that support the cyber community.

In addition...

Tracy Buckingham, Deputy Director Operations and Head of Security and Cyber Exports within DIT DSO who has also worked on MoD and Counter Terrorism projects will be joining us along with Peter Thompson, Assistant Director for Cyber Security Exports who has also served as a Home Office Policy Lead.

Together Tracy and Peter have carved out a dedicated place for Cyber Security within the Defense and Security Organisation in DIT which has paved the way for new and exciting opportunities for cyber companies interesting in exploring new markets.

So we can also look forward to a briefing and the first of many updates as this new era of cyber export possibilities.

See you all there.

Link to the Richard's Slides - Here

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