All Wales Cyber Security Cluster - 17 November 2020
17th November 2020 | 14:00 - 16:00

This month's All Wales Cyber Security Cluster meeting welcomed NCSC's Cyber First Schools team to tell about this amazing programme.

The NCSC has recognised the importance of equipping our young people with the skills and knowledge to exploit technology safely and securely. As part of this, the NCSC runs the CyberFirst Programme, which offers a range of activities helping young people explore their passion for technology and computing by introducing them to the world of Cyber Security.

The CyberFirst Schools initiative is open to schools and colleges in Wales. It recognises schools and colleges who are taking the lead in encouraging their students to undertake Computer Science and computing related qualifications, providing learning on Cyber Security concepts and encouraging them to pursue career paths into the Cyber Security profession. Schools and Colleges apply for recognition and can be awarded by the NCSC either at Bronze, Silver or Gold level, depending upon their level of attainment.

To support these striving schools, the CyberFirst programme has a wide range of organisations drawn from industry, academia and government that provide support to its activities. The Team gave us an overview of the programme and discussed how individuals and businesses can get involved.

We were also joined by Diana Spehar, Programme Manager for the NCSC's Cyber Accelerator who told us all about the Accelerator's Cohort 7.

Wayra's  acceleration programme run in partnership with the National Cyber Security Centre and Telefonica currently has an Open Call with an exciting theme of "Security in Smart Cities". We also partner with Microsoft and our 5G accelerator, 5prinG, to bring extra value and support to the founders.

Open call and detailed challenges link:

NCSC Accelerator Benefits:

  • 10-week equity-free acceleration programme starting end of January 2021
  • Part-time commitment
  • Access to NCSC Cyber Security experts
  • Access to Telefonica’s and 11Paths Cyber Security and Smart City experts
  • Access to Microsoft experts and 5prinG programme
  • Business development opportunities with Telefonica and O2 if right fit
  • Potential Scaling Stipend from NCSC
  • Free!
Throw in the usual updates, news and opportunities for Cluster members and this was a cracking Cluster meeting - here is the video of the meeting...

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