All Wales Cyber Security Cluster - 13 October 2020
13th October 2020 | 14:00 - 16:00

This event was run as part of Digital Leaders Week 2020
With the title "Innovative new National Police Cyber Crime Initiatives".

Cyber Wales were delighted to host a very special guest speaker at the All Wales Cyber Security Cluster Webinar.

Andrew Gould, Detective Superintendent and National Cybercrime Programme Lead is working with a Welsh cyber security vendor to roll out a far-reaching new programme called 'Police Cyber Alarm'. This free tool is being rolled out by Police Forces and Regional Organised Crime Units to help organisationa who volunteer for the scheme to understand and monitor malicious cyber activity. Working in conjunction with the new Police Cyber Resilience Centres, this platform is launching with two services: monitoring and vulnerability scanning. However, work is already underway to develop innovative new capability to help organisations protect themselves.

Rhi Buckler, Cyber Crime Prevent & Protect Officer at TARIAN Regional Cyber Crime Unit opened the meeting and set the scene for this talk by giving an update on the recent changes in the TARIAN Team and an overview of some of the projects and initiatives that are going on in Wales.

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