CIISec Branch Webinar - 19 August 2020
19th August 2020 | 16:30 - 17:30

Cyber Wales are proud to be hosting a Branch Meeting of the Chartered Institute of Information Security Professionals once again in August.

CIISec Branch meetings are "members only" events but, like the last meeting we held with CIISec in February, Cyber Wales members are welcome to attend - please contact Sophie Baker to arrange registration.


Carwyn Edwards, Systems Architect and Software Engineer at Bangor University, Co-Founder of North Wales Tech

Carwyn Edwards is a Software and Systems Architect specialising in the design and deployment of complex IT systems and infrastructure. He has over 15 years of experience building and running large scale IT systems.

Carwyn is one of the founders of “North Wales Tech” an initiative to create “A Technology and Developer Community for North Wales”. The core aims are to foster a culture and community spanning all forms of technology interests in North Wales and show that such communities are not limited to the big cities. The group run “Tech Talks” events, workshops and social activities in North Wales to bring the community together and promote North Wales as a location for the technology industry.

In 2019, Carwyn headed up the "Year of IoT (Internet of Things)" project through North Wales Tech working with individuals and organisations across multiple industries including agriculture, tourism, social care, local authority and buildings management to explore the possibilities of IoT uses in new applications.

Carwyn will be discussing this project and the potential impacts of the emerging 5G technologies on projects of this nature in the coming years.

Chris Powell, Research Director at CODA Labs

CODA Labs and CODA Security are a group of companies providing cybersecurity services to businesses worldwide. Chris is Research Director and Principal Consultant specialising in telecommunications hacking, automotive security and IoT testing.

He previously worked as a vulnerability researcher exploiting biometrics and smart cards for the UK government. Chris then moved on to hacking Huawei devices running the cellular and fixed-line networks at Huawei Cyber Security Evaluations Center (HCSEC).

If you want to find 0-days in 5G networks, reverse engineer autonomous cars or assure your favourite IoT toy. Then Chris is the one to help.

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