Cyber Wales CTF Cluster - 12 August 2020
12th August 2020 | 18:00 - 20:00

This month, we had a crack at a CTF that has been built by the USWCTF gang at the University of South Wales.

Our Master of Ceremonies for this very active playtime session was Mat Rollings.

Mat (stealthcopter) has been an Android developer for about 10 years and has played and organised lots of CTFs in his time. He is just finishing a part time Master in Cyber Security at USW and will be ramping up his work at Immersive Labs at the end of the Summer.

Mat started the session by exploring how to exploit and escape from container environments such as Docker - followed by a very brief demonstration of this using tools developed for his masters thesis. A virtual machine was made available to download and try online at to walk-through some of the exploits seen and also some of the metasploit modules that he's developed.

Then we shifted over to the USW CTF. Originally this CTF ran internally at USW for 2 weeks in March, and was well received. It was designed by Mat and Will Roberts (willpr) and has 75 challenges across a range of categories including Web, Crypto, Forensic, Stego, Priv Esc, Reverse Engineering, PWN, Programming and there are even a few "Lecturers' Specials".

The team had taken a selection of the best challenges to throw at us at our CTF Cluster meeting and after introducing the platform they ran through some of the easier and more interesting challenges. Then they opened it up and make things more interactive - answering questions we had and demonstrating requested challenges and sharing a few stories about some cool challenges from the metasploit CTFs they've done.

More than this... following the meeting the Challenges will stay online on for 1 week allowing people to complete them at their own pace and the source code is also available for specific challenges upon request.

A fantastic Cluster meeting I'm sure you will agree.

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