Cyber Wales CTF Cluster - June 2020
10th June 2020 | 18:00 - 20:00

We had a very special guest speaker this month! Richard Bloxam-Rose is a skilled cyber security specialist having worked with the US DoD in Iraq as well as in cyber teams of global organisations like Commerzbank and Merrill Lynch and is currently in a Threat & Vulnerability operation. He has also served 10 years in the British Army as a Communications Systems & Cyber Operator in the Royal Corps of Signals on deployments with 32 Signal Regiment in the North and with 39 Signal Regiment in the South and currently with the Specialist Group Information Services Squadron (SGIS) based in the Corps HQ in Blandford.

The co-founder of a new learning group in the Armed Forces called "TriHacking" which is aimed at Army, Navy & Air Force cyberists, Richard spends his spare time teaching & coaching cyber security to Regulars and Reservists alike and at our CTF Cluster meeting this week, he gave a walk-through of a "Boot-to-Root Challenge" from the hacking platform VulnHub. Below is a recording of the walk-through session for those of you that missed it.

Over the years, people have been creating cyber learning resources and a lot of time has been put into them, creating 'hidden gems' of training material. However, unless you know of them, its hard to discover them. So, VulnHub was born to capture and share as many of these as possible, creating a catalogue of 'stuff' that is (legally) 'breakable, hackable & exploitable' - allowing you to learn in a safe environment and practise 'stuff' out.

Up to this point, at CTF Cluster meetings, we had explored home-grown Flags, HackTheBox and Immersive Labs Challenges but this is the first time we delved into the treasure-trove that is VulnHub - and Richard ("Bloxy" to his friends) was our guide.

This meeting also had a very international flavour with special guests joining, including the head of the Ras Al Khaimah Cyber Cluster in the UAE, a Colonel from the Dubai Police Cyber Team, the head of the Austrian Cyber Cluster and two guys from a Cyber Cluster and Hackathon Club in Kenya and we are speaking with all of them about future collaborations.

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