Cyber Wales CTF Cluster - 14 October 2020
14th October 2020 | 18:00 - 20:00

This event is being run as part of Digital Leaders Week 2020
With the title "Capture the Flag - just a game or genuine accelerated learning for all".

“Hackathon”, “Cyber Challenge”, “Code Fest”, “Red Team vs Blue Team”, “Black-hatting” and “Capture the Flag”

These are all words that are very familiar to people who have been involved in competitive computer gaming or hacking but they are relatively new to the 'main stream' and have really come to the fore along with the rise of the cyber threat and need for everyone to become more cyber-savvy.

For the un-initiated, these words may also conjure up some scary images of rooms full of very knowledgeable computer geeks with lots of experience of hacking who could undoubtedly run rings around anyone who would not be considered an “expert”.

But... are you curious? Have you ever wondered:- • What it's all about? • What actually happens at one of these events? • Just how much knowledge and/or experience do you need in order to take part? • Is it just fun or are there hidden benefits to the 'gamification' of the hacker vs the SOC contest? • Can this 'game' really help to accelerate learning in cyber for anyone? • Does being a skilled hacker also make you a much better defender?

If so, then welcome to The Cyber Wales Capture the Flag Cluster This cluster is designed to provide a welcoming environment for all abilities to come and learn about the techniques required for participating in CTFs, whether you are looking to actually join in or you just want to know more about how it all works.

Members of the Cluster will be walking through a selection of 'typical' capture the flag challenges, exactly the kind of things that appear on real competitions and explaining what is needed to tackle them, what a 'flag' is and showing how to find it.

You won't need a laptop to just sit and watch the action but the information will be available if you want to follow-along and/or have a crack at the flags yourself. It will also be available after the event if you want have a go in your own time.

If we have peaked your curiosity, then we look forward to welcoming you to this relaxed and chatty web-session where we will shine some spotlights in this dark art.

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