Data Privacy Cluster Event: Data Ethics - 15 June 2022
15th June 2022 | 14:00 - 16:00

Hi everyone,

Thank you to those of us who joined us for the session of the Data Privacy Cluster - which was all about Data Ethics!

At our first Data Privacy Cluster meeting, we surveyed attendees and asked what topics they wanted to hear more about. The two topics were Data Ethics and GDPR management platforms.

This session provided a practical introduction to establishing 'Data Ethics' within an organisation:

  • We started by exploring what 'ethics' means to us, and ways to manage friction between ethical conduct and business needs
  • Then, we took a look at some of the many ways in which data can be dangerous; and how those dangers can be controlled, before moving on to the sticky questions of deciding what you CAN, MAY and SHOULD do with people's data
  • Finally, we discussed some case studies of unethical data practices to look at what went wrong
The session included a 45-minute presentation on the topic from our speaker Rowenna Fielding; who describes herself as a nerd whose obsessive tendencies have served her well in building a career; first as an information security specialist then an advisor on data protection.

More about Rowenna:
  • Over the 10+ years since switching fields, Rowenna has been helping to bring data protection law to life in commercial and voluntary sector organisations, from in-house and more recently; as a consultant
  • In 2020, Rowenna established her own company, Miss IG Geek Ltd; providing advice, support, training and guidance on data protection and eprivacy
  • If she won the Lottery, Rowenna would probably carry on working in data protection anyway, because its intersection of technology, social order and human rights is just too interesting to miss out on, even if it is a bit of an uphill struggle most of the time
Finally, the session concluded with 30 minutes of QnA.

The session was aimed towards:
  • Data Protection professionals: Data Protection Officers and consultants
  • IT Managers
  • Legal professionals
  • Procurement teams
  • Those seeking to use personal data to drive growth and profitability
The session focused on GDPR management systems. We had a panel of specialists who shared their insights and took questions from attendees. These specialists have helped clients select and deploy platforms in small, medium and large organisations across the world.

Download the slides from the event: Here


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