ISCF Digital Security by Design Roadshow
8th March 2022 | 10:00 - 12:30

Digital Security by Design (DSbD) is an initiative supported by the UK government to transform digital technology and create a resilient, and secure foundation for a safer future. Through collaboration between academia, industry and government, these new capabilities will pave the way business and people can use and trust technology.

DSbD will enable a more trustworthy digital environment, in which only expected access to data and operations are permitted while limiting the impact of vulnerabilities and promoting a mindset change around cyber security, giving the freedom to learn, trade, play, automate and collaborate safely.

DSbD aims to radically update the foundation of the UK's inscure digital computing infrastructure by:

  • Increase cyber security for businesses, government and the wider public and economy
  • Increase productivity to the UK through reduction of days lost to cyber-attacks
  • Make the UK market-leader through new capabilities fostering the trust that is necessary for successful adoption of future digital services in areas such as artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of things (IoT)
Why is DSbD relevant?

The scope of this challenge includes implementation, verification and proof of an updated hardware architecture, development of the software and system development tools that will run on it, and demonstration in at least two industry domains.

The challenge covers three areas of activity:
  • Technology Platform Prototype
  • Collaborative R&D software development; enabling use
  • Up to four business-led demonstrators

The DSbD Roadshow is coming to Newport on the 8th March whereby you will be able to register to hear more on the DSbD Evolution and industry experts speak on “Strengthening the foundations and making the world more secure.”

The roadshow will include a morning coffee meet-up with brunch followed by a 1.5-hour series of talks, and an opportunity to network afterwards.

This event is hosted by Innovate UK, the United Kingdom's innovation agency, which provides funding and support to organisations to make new products and services.

For further information on Digital Security by Design you can visit

Many thanks

Nuala Kilmartin
Innovation Lead Market Development
Innovate UK

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