Data Privacy Cluster Meeting: Don't Take Me Home!
1st March 2023 | 14:30 - 16:30


The Cyber Wales, Data Protection and Ethics cluster exists to showcase best practice, whilst providing a community resource for individuals and businesses alike. We want to bridge the gap between traditional IT and Data Protection, speakers are challenged to drop the jargon and inspire us all to think differently.


Event Title: Don’t take me home

Cyber Wales is delighted that on St David’s Day, the day that celebrates the patron Saint of Wales, we will be holding the latest Cyber Wales event in Wrexham. A city known for its long history of football, with the local Club, Wrexham AFC, being the third oldest professional football club in the world. The anthem, Don’t take me home, can often be heard from the terraces, win, lose or draw, in the end it is the being there that counts. Our host’s Moneypenny will be ready to welcome us all on a day of national celebration. The invitation extends across borders and we know you will all want to enjoy the Bara Brith and Welsh Cakes, as much as the speakers and discussion! Luckily, if you are not able to make it in person, you can register to join us online, after all it is being part of the community that counts.


Register to attend in person (limited availability), or join the event online.




14:30 Arrival and Networking

14:45 A Cyber Wales Welcome

15:00 Tom Edginton


Tom is the Information Security Manager for Moneypenny, with over 25 years of working in a variety of IT technical and management roles across public and private sectors, including oceanographic research, retail, high end property, finance and business services. His journey into Cyber security started 10 years ago.


He leverages his broad technical knowledge and management experience to continually improve Moneypenny’s security posture and response to any potential breach.


15:30 Clare Patterson and Luke Beckley


Clare has over 25 years of experience in risk management, including working in data protection over the last 12 years. She launched CP Data Protection 5 years ago with the aim of bringing data protection to life and giving clear and practical advice. She works with clients in social housing and similar values-led sectors and is passionate about making a difference through her work. You'll usually find Clare balancing work with family-life, listening to rock music and podcasts, sipping on coffee, and eating pasta. She is also getting ready to launch a podcast with co-host Nathan Bent soon, called "What's The Difference?”


Luke is the Head of Data Governance and Management at British Land. Data has been a part of Luke’s working life for over 25 years, having managed an array of complex projects from data analytics, information governance and data privacy working in a number of organisations. Luke is passionate about supporting organisations make sense of their data, manage the information environment, drive regulatory compliance whilst understanding and engaging in developing a data ethics framework. A massive tennis fan, he loves drawing analogies from the game and avidly follows (and play’s)! So, should you have a racket to hand, he is available and willing for a round!


16:00 Chad Wollen


Chad is co-founder of Privacy Experience Agency. He has been at the forefront of all things customer-centered digital for 25 years. Working at WPP’s world famous Henley Centre gave Chad a grounding in understanding and predicting consumer behavior. Having held roles at Yahoo, AOL, ITV and Vodafone, Chad has had a mix of customer insight, marketing strategy, innovation and analytics responsibilities, putting him in the midst of the opportunities offered by data and digital platforms.


Whilst at Vodafone, Chads experience and interests with customers, data and innovation came to the fore as Global Head of Permissions Management. The opportunities offered by data could not be unlocked without a new customer and brand driven approach to Privacy. Chad initiated and ran a global programme to do just that. Those major privacy experience projects were the catalyst of what would eventually become PEA.


Immediately before founding PEA, Chad was Chief Marketing Officer of Smartpipe – a Privacy Enhancing Ad Tech platform. At PEA, Chad works with clients globally, to conduct research, deliver strategies and create privacy experiences and communications – all to embed the voice of the data subject into privacy.


16:30 Tours of the Moneypenny building and networking opportunity for those present


Thank you for attending


This event will be run as a hybrid event with an on-premise meeting complimented by a dial-in facility.


The on premise event will be held at Moneypenny, Western Gateway, Wrexham, LL13 7ZB. Maximum of 45 people and free parking available onsite.

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