Cyber Wales at Dubai Expo - 24 March 2022
24th March 2022 | 16:30 - 17:30

Cyber Wales will be presenting and welcoming guests at the Dubai World Expo.

The first World's Fair was held in 1851 at London's Hyde Park and visited by six million people. The first Expo was known as The Great Exhibition or the Crystal Palace Exhibition, referring to the recognisable structure built especially for the event. The building was lauded as an architectural marvel and was later moved to South London, to an area known today as Crystal Palace.

World Expos have since been run in:-

1984 in St Louis USA
1939 in New York USA
1970 in Osaka Japan
2005 in Nagoya Japan

And now, 2021 in Dubai in the UAE. One of the first global mega-events since the pandemic, Expo 2020 will bring the world together to seek solutions to our greatest challenges, showcasing the latest scientific and technological advances from medicine to space travel. Dubai invites you to join the making of a new world, meet more than 200 countries and organisations from around the globe and discover life-changing innovations that will have a meaningful impact on our planet and its people.

Come and visit members of the Cyber Wales Ecosystem who are honoured guests at the Slovakian Pavilion on the 2nd Floor at Expo 2021

Join the making of a new world at the greatest showcase of human brilliance and achievement.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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