Cyber Wales Cluster Webinar in the Middle East - 1 November 2020
1st November 2020 | 13:00 - 14:30

This webinar forms part of a new series of Virtual Cyber Security Cluster meetings being run in collaboration with our strategic partners in the UAE and the Middle East Region.

We were proud to be joining with our Partners in the UAE celebrating their Flag day, a national campaign to honour the country’s past, present and future. Flag Day is celebrated on November 3, the anniversary of HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan becoming the president of the UAE in 2004.

The aim of sessions is for Cyber Wales members to share guidance and expertise with people and organisations in the Middle East on the following critical topics:-

* The Cyber Threat Landscape - to better understand what we are up against
* Measuring Cyber Risk Posture - using Best Practice Frameworks
* Implementing Cyber Protection - with leading edge Systems & Technologies
* Building Cyber Awareness - by developing a cyber secure culture

These sessions are designed for change managers, heads of operations, heads of HR, chief information security officers, legal counsels and data protection officers and the agenda for the session included:-

17:00 - Opening & Introductions from Mr Faheem Azhar, Cyber Wales Steering Group Member and Strategic Advisor for the UAE & the Middle East Region, and Mr John Davies, Co-Founder & Chair of the Cyber Wales Ecosystem.

17:10 - Our special guest speakers from the Middle East this month were:-

  • Dr. Bushra AlBelooshi Research and Innovation Manager in Dubai Electronic Security Center(DESC) who spoke about Dubai’s effort in cyber innovation.
  • Mr Md Rezaul Karim Director General, Digital Security Agency, Bangladesh.
  • Mr Tarique M Barkatullah Project Director, BGD e-Gov Cyber Incident Response Team & Director of National Data Centre at Bangladesh Computer Council who agreed to deliver a talk about Cyber Workforce Development and Challenges.
  • Ms Ndey Touray Data Privacy Officer from The Gambia Cyber Security Alliance; who talked about advocating on encouraging more women into Cyber Security.
  • Safraz Malik Jhelum Chamber of Commerce from Pakistan who spoke about the importance of building cyber awareness and skills and providing guidelines.
17:45 - Mr John Davies, Co-founder of the Cyber Wales Ecosystem described the Cyber Essentials Scheme, a national scheme launched by the UK Government to help all organisations in the UK raise their cyber security to a minimum level. This scheme, which was built to reflect the cyber threat landscape provides a best practice framework to help organisations raise their awareness of their cyber posture and identify cyber protection that may need implementing. John described how this scheme is now being made available to organisations across the Middle East.

18:15 - The talks were followed by Questions & Answers and an open discussion on the topics covered in this webinar.

These sessions are a great example of international collaboration and information sharing as Cyber Wales joins with the cyber community of the Middle East to share ideas and knowledge in the fight against cyber crime.

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