OT Cluster Meeting - 15 September 2022
15th September 2022 | 14:00 - 16:00


For this quarter's meeting we're super excited to hear from two OT operators about their learnings in cyber security!


First up we have Josie Houghton - IT/OT Cyber Security Fleet Manager at EDF Energy, who be speaking about using secure by design priciples to protect legacy systems - a subject she has previously presented on for the IET.


Secondly, we have Kevin White - OT Cybersecurity Manager at Tata Steel, who will be speaking about whether it's more effective to tackle OT cyber risk with a top-down or bottom-up approach.


We're keen to hear some stories from those on the front line of OT cyber security at two of significant OT operators - and we hope you are too!


The aim of the Cyber Wales OT Cluster meetings is to provide a platform to share intelligence and explore ideas on the specific cyber security challenges being faced by organisations working in Operational Technology (OT), Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) and Industrial Control Systems (ICS).


As usual, we'll have plenty of time for participation and interaction via Q&A and an open forum for you to put any questions to the cluster!


If you work in, or have an interest in, cyber security in the industrial sectors then we'd love for you to join us.


This event will be hosted virtually via Zoom by Cluster Managers Jules & Marie.

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