North Wales Cyber Security Cluster - session for the Senedd, the Welsh Assembly Government
9th November 2023 | 12.00 - 15.00

By special invitation, the North Wales Cyber Security Cluster travelled, en masse, down South to run a very special session for members of the Senedd, the Welsh Assembly Government of Wales in Cardiff Bay.


The session, called "A Peek Behind the Ransom", was delivered to Sennedd members and sefved as a showcase for cyber capability in North Wales.


As part of the session, Cyber Wales member, SudoCyber, a company born in Denbighshire in North Wales, delivered a live ransomware demonstration.  Using the sandboxed capabilities of the learning platform, attendees were able to witness the damage caused by ransomware wreaking havoc on a Windows computer in real-time.


This scary scene, repeated multiple time with explantions about what the virus does to a computer, was followed by information on how individuals and businesses can protect themselves from ransomware attacks to stop them happening. 


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