Emerging Technologies Government Digi-Conference - 19 August 2020
19th August 2020 | 07:00 - 10:00

John Davies, Co-founder and Chair of Cyber Wales and CEO of Pervade Software will be joining Regional government officials and technology experts from different entities in the Middle East & Africa region involved in technology innovation and digital transformation on a Panel Discussion at this year's Emerging Technologies Government Conference.

This event, normally run in Dubai, will this year be a virtual conference and will bring together senior government officials leading the digital transformation, business continuity, and advanced technology implementation to explore latest solutions and technology developments and their implementation challenges.

As restrictions are globally easing and the world is learning to live with the Covid-19 pandemic and adapt itself to the new norm, GCC countries are resorting to digitalisation to ensure business continuity and effective delivery of public services. In fact, in The United Arab Emirates has recently announced an ambitious plan to convert 50% of its government centers into virtual platforms.

Hence, it is critical for government officials to identify the essential approaches and technologies to remain steadfast in their strategies and provide their services in an efficient and uninterrupted manner. Public entities now more than ever are urgently adopting best practices and innovative solutions to efficiently execute their digital transformation journey.

The event participants will have the opportunity to discuss the lessons learnt and share knowledge on how to implement effective strategies and innovative technologies enabling digital transformation and public service delivery during and beyond Covid-19 pandemic.

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