CTF Cluster Competition at Wales Tech Week - October 2023
16th October 2023 | 09.30 - 17.00

The CTF Cluster had a fantastic time delivering a marathon, 3-day long Capture the Flag (CTF) event during the Wales Tech Week symposium at the International Convention Center in Newport.


The CTF was open to all attendees of the event.  Laptops were set up on work-benches by the award-winning SudoCyber team and attendees were invited to demonstrate their cyber knowledge and skill in a 15 minute 'sprint' competition. 


Competitors had to tackle a series of cyber challenges, running in safe, sandboxed virtual machines and successfully achieve the sort of tasks normally carried out by hackers and malicious actors in cyberspace.  Each task achieved won the participant a 'flag'.


The person who won the most flags, regardless of how many flags they attempted and failed, during the 3-day event was the overall Red Team winner.

The person who achieved the highest 'success rate', by succeeding at the highest percentage of flags they attempted, was the overall Blue Team winner.


Avril Lewis MBE, the Managing Director of 'Technology Connected', the organisers of the Wales Tech Week event alongside Marc Del-Valle, the CEO of SudoCyber and the North Wales Cyber Security Cluster lead were delighted to congratulate the red and blue team winners who each walked away with a limited edition trophy made from engraved slate from North Wales.


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