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MSc AI courses in USW

Published: 4th December

๐Ÿš€ Dive Deep into our MSc AI Course! ๐Ÿš€
Our MSc AI course isn't just theory - it's hands-on and practical! We introduce you to Blackbox tools and mentor you in crafting bespoke solutions tailored for any challenge.
๐ŸŽฎ Some of our graduates have made strides into different industries, for example, Fraud detection, autonomous cars, Healthcare transformation, timeseries forecasting and more, while others have taken the entrepreneurial route, launching their very own startups.
๐Ÿ› ๏ธ The course is versatile:
Tackle real-world problems.
Get the direction and support your needs with our expert supervision and tutorials.
Design a major project that mirrors your vision, helping you build a robust portfolio and spotlight your expertise.
๐Ÿ“˜ Our diverse modules are designed to cover a wide spectrum of topics, ensuring universal applicability. Plus, our assessments come with a twist - you get to pick your application, ensuring a genuine implementation of the techniques learned.
Interested? Let's reshape the future of AI together! ๐ŸŒŸ
Attention all businesses! Do you need innovative solutions but don't have the time to explore them? Our MSc AI students are here to help! Let's discuss the opportunity to propose project ideas for our students to tackle your organisation's challenges. Let's collaborate and make impactful advancements together.
I have room for some February cohort 2023/2024 projects. Reach out to me in messages or via email. You bring your problem/ idea, and we will write the proposal.
Course leader: [email protected]
Examples of our talented students :

MBA Global Work Placement

Published: 25th October 2024

MBA (Master of Business Administration) Global

The University of South Wales's MBA Global programme is a two-year MBA that offers you the opportunity to gain up to eight months work experience with companies in the UK and overseas.

The MBA Global offers specialist pathways in Finance, HRM, Supply Chain Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship. It builds on a strong ethos of helping managers and leaders solve complex business problems while developing professionals who will make a strategic difference within the context of their organisations.

It will develop your leadership and strategic thinking skills, including the ability to  build successful teams and navigate growth within an uncertain, resource-constrained and competitive business environment. You will gain insights into how to prepare, plan and react efficiently to a rapidly changing business world.

During the course you will enjoy an extracurricular programme – Global Choices - that includes masterclasses with leading figures from the spheres of business and government. In recent years, our guests have included Lord Jonathan Evans, former Head of MI5; Lord George Robertson, former NATO Secretary General; Julia Gillard, former Prime Minister of Australia, and Sir Tony Blair, former UK Prime Minister. You will also be able to learn from the experience of entrepreneurs and business leaders in Wales, forging links we hope you will take into your future careers as MBA Global alumni.

In addition to your MBA qualification, you'll also have the option to opt into the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership. This is built into the curriculum, so no additional assessment is needed, you just need complete registration in the required time and successfully pass the required assessments above 40%.

You will also be offered workshops and simulations on core skills and competencies which are designed to support the development of your high-level awareness of the challenges facing not only business but also societies across the world.

The University is host to a vibrant, multicultural environment that provides excellent opportunities for you to gain global perspectives on business and management. As a USW MBA Global graduate, you will become part of a global alumni network.

MBA Global Specialisations

  • MBA Global
  • MBA Global Finance
  • MBA Global Marketing
  • MBA Global Supply Chain
  • MBA Global HRM
  • MBA Global Entrepreneurship


Find out more about enroling here: 

DASA News July 2024

Published: 18th July 2024

The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) is pleased to launch a new £2 million Themed Competition called Innovation in Support of Operations. Run on behalf of the Ministry of Defence, this competition seeks fast paced scalable proposals across four key challenge areas:

  • Novel and enhanced scale complex manufacture of materiel
  • Autonomous system navigation and applique options
  • Wide-area sense and detect
  • Innovative solutions for minefield breaching

The UK Government is continually assessing lessons from world events.  From these lessons, we seek to rapidly adopt solutions that enhance our military and economic advantage. This competition intends to identify nearly ready solutions and techniques that can be accelerated into scalable and deliverable effect faster than our adversaries.

Do you have a suitable innovation? Read the full competition document and submit a proposal.

In short:

  • DASA has launched a new Themed Competition: Innovation in Support of Operations
  • Funded by the MOD
  • Total funding available is £2 million (excluding VAT)
  • The competition will be continuously open over three cycles with closing dates of 10 September, 22 October and 3 December

Learn more and submit a proposal

NATO DIANA launches its 2024 challenges!

Published: 12th July 2024

Building on the success of its inaugural year, NATO’s Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic (DIANA) has launched five 2024 challenges to continue to attract the best and brightest innovators across the Alliance in support of its mission to build a peaceful and more resilient future.

Innovators selected will receive funding to enable participation in the DIANA accelerator programme, which starts in January 2025, and they will embark upon a six-month intensive programme custom-designed for early-stage dual-use start-ups. They will have access to mentorship and testing facilities, as well as access to trusted investor and end-user networks to help them move from ideation to real-world adoption in defence and civilian markets.

If you are an innovator with cutting-edge ideas on Energy & Power, Data & Information Security, Sensing & Surveillance, Human Health & Performance and Critical infrastructure & Logistics, we encourage you to apply by Friday 09 August.

Apply now!


Energy and Power challenge

Designed to build and expand on the success of the 2023 Energy Resilience challenge. This challenge focuses on enhancing energy and power resilience within—but not limited to–energy storage, smart grid technologies, nuclear micro-reactors, small modular reactors or novel reactors, cyber-physical security, data analytics and AI, vehicle energy infrastructure, energy efficiency, microgrid tech, energy recovery, materials science, systems engineering, or blockchain.

Read the challenge statement


Data and Information Security challenge

DIANA is looking for technology solutions that facilitates data production, utilisation, distribution, and protection in multi-domain environments, be it quantum and post-quantum cryptography, data assurance, edge computing, blockchain technology, biometrics, zero-knowledge proofs, cyber deception technology, deepfake detection technology, and beyond.

Read the challenge statement


Sensing and Surveillance challenge

Building on the success of the Sensing and Surveillance challenge in 2023. DIANA is seeking solutions that enable forecasting, indications and warning, situational awareness, post-action assessment, and understanding of behaviour drivers such as patterns-of-life analysis and sentiment including–but not limited to–advanced sensing technology, quantum materials, novel materials for sensing, drone surveillance, augmented reality, next gen wireless technology, secure sensor data transmission and storage systems, and intelligent resource allocation and planning systems.

Read the challenge statement


Human Health and Performance challenge

This challenge is seeking solutions that improve the understanding and enhancement of human health and wellbeing, both physical and psychological through—but not limited to—next-gen wearable tech, personalised healthcare, bio-inspired tech, advanced exoskeletons and prosthetics, AI and autonomy enabled technologies; chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) detection and defence, materials science, and engineering.

Read the challenge statement


Critical Infrastructure and Logistics challenge

Seeking technology focused on the secure and trustworthy operation of critical national and international infrastructure, and global supply chains across various domains. This includes—but is not limited to: IoT technology, component integration, advanced decentralised data-driven logistics, autonomy, underwater cable protection, climate change monitoring, data analysis and interpretation, material and manufacturing development, in-situ repair tech, alternate power supplies, effective communication, or modelling capabilities.

Read the challenge statement


Cross-cutting themes

DIANA is also asking innovators to consider three cross-cutting themes across the five challenge topics: space, resilience and sustainability.

Space represents an environment and domain with a vast and largely unexplored frontier with immense potential for scientific discovery and technological innovation. 

Resilience emphasizes the need for solutions and technologies that can withstand and quickly recover from disruptions or threats. 

Sustainability is an important element of responsible innovation, and emphasises the importance of developing and implementing environmentally friendly, disruptive technologies and practices that ensure long-term viability.

More Information

DA Applied Software Engineering - Swansea University

Published: 20th June 2024


The BSc in Applied Software Engineering is an innovative and flexible way for individuals to gain a degree in Software Engineering whilst in employment. The Course is open only to employees of regional companies and organisations, and delivered on the University campus on Wednesdays from 1pm - 8pm throughout the full calendar year.

The programme has been designed with the support of an industrial advisory panel in order to meet existing skills gaps in industry. It covers the full breadth of Software Engineering, combining traditional academic teaching with work-based learning. 25% of the assessment is based on transferring academic knowledge to the workplace.

If you are looking for a University course that is relevant to the IT sector and can be completed whilst you work, then the BSc in Applied Software Engineering Degree in Software Engineering is an ideal option. The programme benefits you by furthering your knowledge and career opportunities, whilst also furthering the success of your employer.

Please consider signing-up to our mailing list to receive updates about our Degree Apprenticeships schemes and other training opportunities.


We have the latest high quality teaching and research equipment in our new £32.5m Computational Foundry including a Vision and Biometric Lab, Maker Lab, TechHealth Lab, Theory Lab, Cyber Security/Networking Lab, User Lab and Visualisation Suite.

  • 3rd in the UK for Teaching (Software Engineering) * (NSS 2023) *Based on the average positivity score across questions 1 to 4 in the NSS 2023 when ranked against universities featured in the Times Good University Guide.
  • Top 201-250 in the world (THE World University Rankings 2024)
  • Top 201-250 in the world (QS World University Rankings 2023)
  • 100% world-leading and internationally excellent ratings for research impact - Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021
  • 90% of our research is world-leading and internationally excellent - Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021
  • 92% of Graduates are in employment and/or other study 15 months after leaving Swansea University. (HESA Graduate Outcomes Survey 2023)


We are currently accepting applications for the course which will be starting in late September. If you are interested in the course, please complete and return a BSc Applied Software Engineering Application Form

Please contact the team via [email protected] with any queries or to discuss the course.

Institute of Coding Skills Bootcamps

Published: 20th June 2024

Looking to upskill, reskill or retrain? Check out our collection of Skills Bootcamps. They are entirely free for learners and will help you build your tech skills. We are working across all universities in Wales to deliver these skills both virtually and in-person. Details of courses delivered in Bangor University, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Wrexham Glyndwr University, University of South Wales, Aberystwyth University, University of Wales Trinity St David, Cardiff University and the Open University will be announced soon!

These professional development short courses are designed to help you build in-demand skills and knowledge to help you get ahead.


Fundamentals of Cybersecurity

Location: Swansea hybrid
Level: Beginners
Start Date: 7th October 2024

Contact time: One evening a week, 10 weeks

Cybersecurity is a growing concern for all businesses, large and small. Cyber attacks are become ever more commonplace, and their impact on a company or organisation can easily be disastrous. This module explores the fundamentals of cybersecurity; outlines the common types of cyber attacks and how to mitigate against them; and examines both the practical and theoretical aspects of computer and network security.


Python Programming 1

Location: Hybrid - Swansea University and online
Level: Beginners
Start date:
 7th October 2024
Contact time: One evening a week, 10 weeks
Cost: Free

Python has been growing in popularity over the past decade as the programming language of choice for beginners and experienced software developers due to its clear syntax and ease in code development and maintenance.

This module teaches the fundamentals of programming in Python. Learners will develop skills for writing and debugging simple programs using basic programming concepts and data types. You will also gain an understanding of algorithms and algorithm development.


Computing: History and Impact

Location: Swansea hybrid
Level: Beginners
Start Date: 7th October 2024

Contact time: One evening a week, 10 weeks
Cost: Free

The computer revolution hasn't slowed since the 1940s. In today’s digital world, where are we, how did we get here and where are we heading? This module will provide historical knowledge and understanding of the origins and development of computing and data processing, and their impact on the world. The module is interdisciplinary, situating technical developments in historical contexts and reflecting on human dispositions. The module is supported by Swansea Uni’s History of Computing Collection.

Email [email protected] for more information.

DASA Electronic Warfare Challenge 2024

Published: 26th March 2024

The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) is pleased to launch the Electronic Warfare Challenge, as a new Themed Competition. Following the ministerial announcement  in December 2023 to launch an innovation challenge series under the AUKUS partnership, this competition is the first iteration of AUKUS Pillar 2’s Innovation Challenge Series. The challenge has been trilaterally agreed and is being run as three separate competitions by the Advanced Strategic Capabilities Accelerator (ASCA) in Australia, DASA in the United Kingdom and the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) in the United States.

This is the first time that DASA has worked in conjunction with both Australia and the US within one competition, enabling defence to leverage the best technologies available across the three nations for this challenge.

In short:

  • DASA has launched a new Themed Competition: Electronic Warfare Challenge
  • This is the first iteration of AUKUS Pillar 2’s Innovation Challenge Series which will run concurrently in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States.
  • The UK competition run by DASA is open to registered UK businesses only. Entrants from Australia or the United States should refer to their national competition page in order to enter.
  • Up to £1.92 million funding available to develop capabilities that provide a competitive advantage to electromagnetic targeting and protection.


Learn More and submit a Proposal >> 

ISO/IEC 27001 Student Training Prospects

Published: 25th March 2024

During a discussion between an auditing and certification company, an ISO consultancy and a Cardiff university, an ideal employment opportunity came to light. Students with a background in computer science would be the perfect candidates to fill the gap in the market for ISO/IEC 27001 information security auditors. The career of an auditor is one of variety, security and longevity, as well as being financially rewarding.



ISO/IEC 27001 is an international standard that specifies the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving an information security management system (ISMS). It also includes requirements for assessing and treating information security risks tailored to the certified organization. The standard was introduced in 2005 and revised in 2022.

The universally burgeoning need for organizations to show they conform to recognized information and cybersecurity standards and provide proof of that conformity has led to a substantially increased uptake of ISO/IEC 27001. This demand has, in turn, resulted in an ever-widening global skills gap, with many auditors being older people approaching retirement age, alongside an insufficient volume of young people stepping up to take their place.


Puting an Idea into Action

During a South Wales Cyber Security Cluster meeting, attendees decided to explore collaborative ventures in the region. One notable outcome was an idea aimed at fostering collaboration between industry and academia, driven by a common objective.

Among the attendees was Anthony Matthews, a long-standing cluster member and Managing Director at Charmwood Risk Management, a specialized consulting, auditing and advisory firm based in Cardiff. The firm primarily assists businesses in obtaining accredited ISO certification to globally recognized standards, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO/IEC 27001.

With over 22 years of experience in the certification industry, Anthony noticed a conspicuous lack of auditors to facilitate certification for his clientele. While many auditors in the field were nearing retirement, there was a general scarcity of available professionals. Reflecting on this, Anthony recognized auditing as a promising career path, offering opportunities for later transition into consultancy. However, he grew concerned about the lack of younger individuals entering the sector and sought to contribute to its transformation.

During discussions with Dr Chaminda Hewage, Programme Director for Computer Security at Cardiff Metropolitan University, they identified a potential solution to this gap: empowering younger individuals interested in IT through upskilling. This approach would not only address the auditor shortage but also enrich the students' CVs, setting them apart in their initial job applications.

The opportunity for further impact was clear. Leveraging Anthony's involvement in SGS's Consultants Connect program, he reached out to Vanda Bell, Head of Sales and Key Accounts at SGS UK, to explore the possibility of incorporating the ISO/IEC 27001 auditor training course into the Masters’ curriculum at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Vanda expressed: “We were delighted to collaborate with Anthony and Chami to provide this training and support the students in achieving greater success.”


The Result

Cardiff Metropolitan University provided funding, enabling Geoff Green, an SGS ISO/IEC 27001 trainer, to conduct internal auditor training for 27 IT Security Masters’ students.

Following the training, the graduating students entered the workforce, with two attributing their new roles, in part, to obtaining the auditor qualification. Rahmi Hussain, who secured a position as a Data Confidentiality Assurance Analyst at Admiral (EUI), expressed appreciation for the interactive classroom-based ISO/IEC 27001 training, noting its refreshing departure from online training amid the pandemic.


Next Steps

At the time of writing, the trio is collaborating with Cardiff Metropolitan University to identify additional courses where an internal auditor qualification could not only enhance career prospects but add valuable competitive advantage to the university’s offering.

To find out how you can get involved in a similar project with SGS and Charmwood, please call 0151 350 6666 or email [email protected].

Degree Apprenticeships at Cardiff Metropolitan

Published: 21st March 2024

What are Degree Apprenticeships?

The Degree Apprenticeship is an alternative to traditional university study that combines the work-based element of an apprenticeship with the academic framework of a Higher Education qualification.

A Degree Apprenticeship offers apprentices the opportunity to study part-time for an academic qualification while working full-time with an employer, gaining real world experience in their chosen career path whilst also getting paid at the same time.

Cardiff Metropolitan University's School of Technologies, located in Llandaff at the heart of Cardiff, offers Degree Apprenticeships fully funded by the Welsh Government for up to four years - there are no tuition fees for the apprentice undertaking the degree, and employers only need to commit one day per week for their employee/apprentice to study at Cardiff Met. Cardiff Met currently offers the following Degree Apprenticeships: BSc Applied Data Science, BSc Applied Software Engineering and BSc Applied Cyber Security.

Benefits to the Employer

  • The option to upskill existing staff who have shown potential for development, as well as newly recruited apprentices.
  • Access to the latest thinking and developments in the computing field via a modern approach to teaching inspired by industry.
  • The option to grow talent and develop resilience in the workforce via hiring in new talent or developing existing staff with a minimal opportunity cost.
  • A potential saving of £27,000 on standard tuition fees, which would be £9,000 per year if paid directly to the University.

Benefits to the Apprentice

  • A key opportunity to earn a wage and gain 3 years work experience whilst studying for a fully funded BSc qualification.
  • The opportunity to learn on the job, work on real life live projects, and apply the learning directly to your studies.
  • An opportunity to be mentored by colleagues who are significantly experienced in their field.
  • The chance to upskill and develop career-relevant skills.

Available Courses

- BSc Applied Data Science

The BSc Applied Data Science Degree Apprenticeship programme is developed as a three-way learning partnership between the apprentice, the employer and the academic team. The programme focuses on data, and builds apprentices’ ability to extract insights, knowledge and intelligence from the complex data points now ubiquitous in the world of business.

- BSc Applied Cyber Security

Apprentices on the BSc Applied Cyber Security will gain the skills and knowledge to protect networks, computers and data from attack, damage or unauthorised access. The programme is developed as a three-way learning partnership between the employer, the apprentice, and the academic team.

- BSc Applied Software Engineering

The BSc Applied Software Engineering will develop apprentices’ knowledge and expertise in the design, development and delivery of software for modern environments and platforms. A three-way learning partnership between the employer, the apprentice, and the academic team, the course is designed to create a culture and appreciation of software carpentry and codemanship, gaining highly transferable computational thinking, analytical and problem-solving skills in the process.


Entry Requirements

Five GCSE passes including English Language and Mathematics at Grade C or above, or grade 4 or above for those studying newly reformed GCSEs in England.

Plus, any one of the following:

  • 96 points from at least 2 A-Levels to include grades CC, Welsh Bacc to be considered alongside this as a third subject.
  • BTEC National Extended Diploma with grades MMM.
  • 96 points from at least two Scottish advanced Highers to include grades DD.
  • 96 points from the Irish Leaving Certificate at Highers to include 2 x H2 grades. Higher level subjects only considered with a minimum grade H4.
  • 96 points from the Access to Higher Education Diploma.
  • A related apprenticeship at level 4. The Higher Apprenticeship in Data Analytics Level 4 is recognised as a direct entry to Level 5 of the programme.


How to Apply

Potential apprentices looking for more information about our Degree Apprenticeships and employers interested to enrol their apprentices or employees into our programmes, please contact Tara Williams, our Degree Apprenticeships Lead via email: [email protected] / [email protected]

Rising Star Awards 2024

Published: 12th March 2024

Rising Stars is back! This is the ultimate pitch competition that shines a spotlight on the brightest tech startups across the UK. From North to South, East to West, we're on a mission to uncover the nation's top innovators. And this year, the excitement is bigger than ever…
๐Ÿ‘€ Picture this
You’re on stage pitching your business at London Tech Week (LTW) which brings together over 45,000 participants, 350+ speakers, and 1000+ investors for a celebration of tech innovation like no other.
It's the perfect stage to showcase your startup's brilliance and connect with industry leaders from around the globe.
๐Ÿ† Win prizes totalling over £170K in value, including:
£30,000 out-of-home media package: Amplify your reach with a £30,000 out-of-home media package from our partner JCDecaux Nurture.
£80,000 brand and go-to-market campaign: Immerse your brand in the spotlight with an £80,000 brand and go-to-market campaign supported by the experts at Founders Makers.
£60,000 executive hire: Secure your dream team with the first C-Suite hire courtesy of Founders Keepers, valued at £60,000
๐Ÿ”‘ Deadline for applications is 18th March!
Don't miss your chance to be part of the next big thing! Apply now for Rising Stars and showcase your startup to the world.
Questions? Email [email protected]

Utah Trade Corridor Aerospace & Defense

Published: 10th March 2024

In an exciting collaboration with the Department for Business and Trade and OCO Global, we're connecting high-growth businesses to the dynamic Utah Trade corridor. This initiative leverages the strengths of Utah's Aerospace & Defense sector and fosters international cluster connectivity to expand your business's reach.

Why Join?

  •  Broaden Your Market: Dive into a 8-month programme designed to enhance your export opportunities and international visibility.
  • Innovative Connectivity: Benefit from a digitally connected ecosystem, fostering bilateral trade and partnership successes.
  • Strategic Collaboration: Engage with international partners, buyers, and sector experts through a technology-enabled platform, increasing your export and partnership outcomes.

Companies will have the opportunity to join a digitally connected ecosystem designed to boost bilateral tradeactivities, thereby enhancing their export capabilities and partnership success. Participation in the program offers:

  • Market Assessment: Gain key insights into potential clusters within high-growth international markets, providing a solid foundation for strategic planning and entry.
  • Technology-Enabled Collaboration: Successful applicants will gain access to an online platform designed to facilitate opportunities and foster a digital community among businesses.
  • Access to Opportunities: Engage in business development activities and buyer engagements within key international clusters, opening doors to potential collaboration opportunities.
  • Webinars and Roundtables: Participate in events with key sector experts in Utah, enhancing communication and collaboration between companies and institutions across both regions.

By leveraging the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), participating companies will be able to:

  • Strengthen trade between the UK and Utah.
  • Overcome barriers for smoother business operations.
  • Enhance supply chain resilience and academic ties.

Utah's Aerospace & Defence Excellence: Home to industry giants and a vibrant employment base, Utah stands out in aerospace engineering, materials science, and other critical areas. The state's commitment to economic and fiscal stability has been recognized nationally, providing a solid foundation for your business to thrive.

To express your interest and be considered for participation in the unique trade corridor, please make sure to fill out the questionnaire by the deadline of March 13, 2024. The questionnaire can be found here If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]

February Update from the Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) Innovation Partner in Wales / Diweddariad mis Chwefror gan Bartner Arloesiโ€™r Cyflymydd Amddiffyn a Diogelwch (DASA) yng Nghymru

Published: 1st March 2024

Current Themed Competitions

We have four themed competitions currently open on the website –
  • Remote Monitoring of Sensitive Sites (Phase 2) – Closes 5th March 2024 - Looking for novel ways to secure sensitive sites moving away from traditional methods. The competition is looking for the development of a complete autonomous security alarm and interdiction network system. We are looking for projects to deliver at TRL 6 (in two phases), for a maximum value of £500k for a total project length of 18 months.
  • Rapid Detection of Toxic Gases – Closes 28th March 2024 – Seeking new technologies that enhance the rapid detection of toxic gases to enable an early warning of unsafe levels of toxic gases in potentially busy spaces. We are also interested in estimating concentration, minimising nuisance alarms, quick identification of toxic gases and areas at risk. We are looking for projects to deliver a sensor at TRL 4, for a maximum value of £200k over a total project length of 12 months.
  • Small, Lightweight Trace Explosives Detector – Closes 9th April 2024 – Funding for the development of a small, lightweight, trace detection platform to form part of a system that is capable of multiplex detection of at least three explosive targets. We are looking for projects to deliver at least to TRL 4, for a value of around £300k over a total project length of 12 months.
  • Mobile Evidential Drug Testing Instrument Demonstrator – Closes 16th April 2024 - Seeking to explore the development of a world leading roadside evidential drug testing capability. The competition is looking for ideas which could allow both roadside and station-based systems to test or a wide range of different substances. We are looking for projects to deliver a demonstrator, for a maximum value of £350k over a maximum project length of 6 months.
Current Open Call

The current Open Call cycle (Defence and Security) will close on 6th March 2024, and has two Innovation Focus Areas available: Remember, you do not have to relate your idea to these areas when bidding into the open call – they are simply topics that we are particularly interested in now, with specific associated funding.

Current Defence Technology Exploitation Programme (DTEP)

The scheme offers up to 50% funding to collaborations between UK-registered Lower Tier Suppliers and Higher Tier Suppliers, with a maximum total allowable value of £1M for supply chain strengthening projects for UK Defence. This could be over innovative technology, materials, or manufacturing processes. An example of a current DTEP project in Wales is Cardiff based Space Forge who are partnering with Northrop Grumman – with further detail here .

DTEP is currently not open for new outline applications – we are hoping to clarify this position late this financial year.

Future Competitions - Pipeline

You can access this through the website, scroll down to the bottom of this page to view . At the time writing there are the following upcoming competitions within the pipeline –
  • Themed competition: Addressing some of the challenges in sample surface collection/preservation, analysis and attribution of hazardous chemical and biological materials – Launching February 2024
  • Themed competition: Generation after next Electro Optics – Launching April 2024
  • Themed competition: Novel methods in Protecting Physical Assets – Launching April 2024
  • Themed competition: Generation After next Communications & Networks competition – Launching Spring 2024.
  • Themed competition: Improving the universality and longevity of blood products for use in remote or austere locations – Launching TBC
Upcoming Events/Items of Interest

The Dstl searchlight team are running a series of online events aimed at engaging with the supplier community to highlight opportunities in working with the MODs science and technology department. The next in these series of events is on 4th March between 1400 and 1600. Link to the specific event is here . Link to the wider event series is here .

Rolls Royce have launched their Open Innovation Challenge looking for any potential technology capability solution to be submitted into their Defence Innovation team for review. They are specifically looking for demonstration of new capabilities or innovation on existing ones and/or mature enough capabilities for rapid integration into their business. Link to further information on the competition is here .

SOFWERX, in collaboration with US Special Operations Command and UK Strategic Command, will host the fifteenth Innovation Foundry event in London.  This aims to bring together military practitioners, industry, academia, national laboratories, and futurists to explore and ideate around future scenarios and missions. The theme is around, ‘Smart Cities – Future Challenges for SOF’, will explore the challenges of physical and remote Special Operations Forces operations in a range of future complex smart city scenarios. More information is here . Deadline to apply is 4th March 2024.

UK-Ukraine Cybersecurity Roundtable

Published: 26th February 2024

We are delighted to extend an invite to a UK-Ukraine Cybersecurity Roundtable being hosted at techUK's office (10 St Bride Street, London, EC4A 4AD) on the 7th March 2024 from 11am-12pm to discuss furthering cybersecurity collaboration between the UK and Ukraine with Deputy Minister for Digital Alexander Bornyakov, Oleksandr Yarema, State Secretary of Ukraine, and a delegation of innovative Ukrainian cybersecurity companies.
If you would like to sign up, please complete this short form. The session will be followed by some light refreshments.
The roundtable will be co-chaired by Dan Patefield, Head of Cybersecurity at techUK, and Deputy Minister Bornyakov. This is a great opportunity to engage with high-ranking Ukrainian Government officials as well as some of the country's most innovative companies. If you would like to see which Ukrainian companies are attending, please see this document.
The Roundtable will focus on:
  • The role of cyber security in modern wars: the experience of Ukraine and lessons for the World.
  • The establishment of Ukraine as a cyber brand: Delivering quality solutions in the face of persistent cyber threats.
  • Mastering security zones: practical steps to effectively protect critical infrastructure and any industry.
Please do complete the short form to sign up.
More information on the UK-Ukraine Tech event being held on 8th March can also be found here: 

Business Conference with Sialkot Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCI)

Published: 26th February 2024

 Luncheon Business Conference with Sialkot Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCI)

Join us for an exciting event - the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCI) Trade Delegation to UK! The delegation represents following sectors: Surgical Instruments, Sports and Leather Good, Sport Wear, Gloves and Protective Equipment. This in-person event will take place on Thursday, February 29, 2024 at 11:00 AM till 2:00 PM GMT at Greater Manchester Chambers of Commerce, Elliot House, 151 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 3WD.

Are you interested in expanding your business horizons and exploring new opportunities? This is the perfect chance to connect with industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and experts from both Sialkot and the UK. Get ready for a day filled with networking, insightful discussions, and potential collaborations.

During the event, you'll have the opportunity to exchange ideas, and establish valuable business contacts. Whether you're looking to export, import, or simply explore new markets, this event promises to be a valuable platform for growth.

Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to be part of the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCI) Trade Delegation to UK. Mark your calendars, pack your business cards, and get ready for a day of fruitful interactions. We look forward to welcoming you to Greater Manchester Chambers of Commerce!


Ms Umaimah Makhdoom

Chief Coordinator, PBBC

Email: [email protected]

Request for Feedback 2024

Published: 20th January 2024

Over the next month, we at Cardiff School of Technologies would greatly appreciate your participation and feedback in an anonymous questionnaire. Your insights are crucial for validating a data protection framework (VDaaS): A Novel SLEPT Data Protection Framework, vital for the successful completion of a PhD project undertaken by Vinden Wylde.

Questionnaire Link:

The questionnaire should take approximately 20 minutes, and we understand the value of your time in contributing to this important project.


  • Gain awareness of current data protection practices and upcoming legislation.
  • Provide framework guidance in the Technical Application of Data Protection by Default and Design (GDPR).
  • Enable greater customizable control over data transmission and collection.
  • Foster a better overall data protection culture.

Thank you very much in advance for your valuable contributions.

Cyber Explorers Cup 2024

Published: 20th January 2024

Could your students save Cyber City from attack?

Picture this: Cyber City is under threat, and your school has the chance to save the day. Herbert the Hacker, enroute to prison, has cunningly left behind a trail of intricate digital puzzles within the city. These mysteries hold the key to saving Cyber City and its citizens. The question is, is your team up for the challenge?


Enter the Cyber Explorers Cup 2024

This isn't just a competition for students aged 11-14; it's an opportunity to inspire and nurture the next generation of cyber security enthusiasts. Beyond competition, students gain hands-on experience in critical thinking, teamwork, and cyber security. By saving the city in the fastest time, teams stand to win a careers event for your school packed with fun activities and insights from real cyber security industry professionals.

Who can enter

11-14-year-old students from KS3 (UK and Wales), P7, S1 and S2 (Scotland) and Years 8, 9 and 10 (NI) from schools and home-schools.

Team structure

Teams can be made up of four students per team. Schools are restricted to entering a maximum number of one team.

Entry condition

Competing schools must have completed 65% of the Cyber Explorers learning programme.  All competing students must have completed at least one character's Challenges including Save the City. It is recommended that at least one competing student, has completed all the Missions.


Competition slots will run for a five-day period from 4 March 2024 to 8 March 2024. Teams must be available for one hour within these five days.

You can find comprehensive details about the competition by visiting: Cyber Explorers - Knowledge Hub .

Wales Technology Awards 2024

Published: 15th January 2024

Entries for the Wales Technology Awards 2024 are now open!

Entries close 22nd January 2024. Learn how to enter here.

Brought to you by Technology Connected, the network for the technology industry in Wales, we are thrilled to announce the return of the highly anticipated Wales Technology Awards for 2024. As the creators of Wales Tech Week, we are honoured to now shift the spotlight from the industry as a whole to focus on celebrating the incredible individuals and projects which are driving it forward.

Without the truly great individuals, teams and organisations behind these innovative solutions, the enabling technology of today and tomorrow would simply not exist.

The Wales Technology Awards 2024 will showcase and celebrate these remarkable people, their ingenuity and their businesses – collectively championing Wales' dynamic Tech Industry.

The Wales Technology Awards 2024 is poised to serve as a prestigious platform to showcase and honour those who underpin Wales' thriving and vibrant tech industry.

Join us for a celebration of innovation, excellence, and the enduring impact of the technology sector in Wales.

CIISec Information Security Profession Survey 2023/24

Published: 15th January 2024

We are reaching out to kindly invite you to participate in CIISec's annual State of The Profession survey. 

Your insights are crucial in helping us to understand and address the key issues and challenges within our dynamic industry.

If you haven't already, we kindly ask you to take a moment to complete the survey by clicking HERE. It should only take approximately 10 minutes of your time.

Your participation plays a vital role in strengthening our collective industry voice and making a meaningful impact on the cyber security landscape.

Thank you once again for your continued support.

If you would like to view last year's survey, click HERE or on the image below:

Wales Technology Awards 2024

Published: 9 november 2023

Brought to you by Technology Connected, the network for the technology industry in Wales, we are thrilled to announce the return of the highly anticipated Wales Technology Awards for 2024. As the creators of Wales Tech Week, we are honoured to now shift the spotlight from the industry as a whole to focus on celebrating the incredible individuals and projects which are driving it forward.

Without the truly great individuals, teams and organisations behind these innovative solutions, the enabling technology of today and tomorrow would simply not exist.

The Wales Technology Awards 2024 will showcase and celebrate these remarkable people, their ingenuity and their businesses – collectively championing Wales' dynamic Tech Industry.

The Wales Technology Awards 2024 is poised to serve as a prestigious platform to showcase and honour those who underpin Wales' thriving and vibrant tech industry.

Join us for a celebration of innovation, excellence, and the enduring impact of the technology sector in Wales.

Register your place here: 

Ecorys Survey Request

Published: 1st November 2023

Ecorys are inviting cluster members to take part in an important survey to evaluate future funding opportunities. They are aiming for 20 responses per cluster to have a useful amount of data.

Please access the survey here and fill it out as soon as possible.
This is an important evaluation for future funding, both from DSIT and other potential funders.

CyberFirst Girls Competition 23/24

Published: 25th September 2023


The CyberFirst Girls Competition aims to inspire girls interested in technology to pursue a career in cyber security.

The competition is a team event. Each team – consisting of up to four girls in Year 8 (England and Wales), S2 (Scotland) or Year 9 (Northern Ireland) – tackle challenges from cryptography and logic to artificial intelligence and networking for the chance to be crowned cyber security champions.

Every girl from the winning teams will take a brand-new laptop home, and have a chance to win prize money for their school.

Registration open now

This year the online qualifier and final are being brought together so the entire competition is online with the 13 regional and home nation top scoring teams across the UK being invited to a celebratory event (location tbc).

Register now for the CyberFirst Girls Competition 2023/2024


    Registration Open – Now


    Competition Open – 20 November 2023


    Competition Closes – 29 November 2023


    Celebratory event – 2nd March 2024

Dates are subject to change.

What you need to know

  1. 1


    Teams are made up of up to four girls in Year 8, S2 or Year 9 (Northern Ireland).

  2. 2


    Schools can enter as many teams as they like if they meet the eligibility criteria above. 

  3. 3


    Teams need a team guardian. Must be over 18 and appointed by the school.

  4. 4


    Team guardians don’t need to have any cyber knowledge whatsoever. Their role is to register the teams and facilitate access to the competition. See our Teacher Information Pack for useful information, videos and links to help you get started. 

  5. 5


Competition structure

Each team is made of up to four girls from Year 8 in England and Wales, Year 9 in Northern Ireland, and S2 in Scotland.

The content for each category of the competition is consistent with subjects within the Computer Science syllabus from both the National Curriculum and Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence.

However, the competition will contain some advanced cyber topics that are not covered in traditional education but will seek to stretch the lateral thinking and additional cyber knowledge of the teams.

Register now for the CyberFirst Girls Competition 2023/2024


  1. Top Scoring state newcomer

    Highest scoring state school entering the competition for the first time 

  2. Most team entries (three categories: state school, state selective school and independent school)

    School with most teams entered (each team must have solved at least 10 challenges)

  3. Top-scoring team

    Highest scoring team

  4. Top-scoring CyberFirst school

    CyberFirst school with the highest collective score 

  5. Top-scoring returning school

    Highest scoring school that has entered the competition previously

Calling independent schools

Social mobility and inclusion are a key priority for the NCSC.

We’d love all independent schools to reach out to state schools and encourage them to register for the competition.

Share our short video to raise awareness of the competition. It highlights the benefits of why schools should enter the competition.

Thank you for your support.

DSIT Survey

Published: 14th August 2023

Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT)

We would like to invite you to participate in our survey, designed to gather valuable insights on the cyber security practices of suppliers providing connected places products and services in the UK.

Please follow the link to participate: 

Women in Cyber Newsletter - August 2023

Published: 4th August 2023

Dear friends

With the summer almost upon us, there is time for one last mailing before we sign off for a break. Just a few bits of news for you before we go:

CyBOK Showcase

On 18 September 2023, the CyBOK (Cyber Security Body of Knowledge) project is holding an external in-person event in Cardiff in partnership with the UK Cyber Security Council. Join us to find out more about the latest news from the project, including:

  • How CyBOK is evolving
  • CyBOK-funded projects
  • An update from the UK Cyber Security Council and specialisms
  • and more!

For more details and to register, visit the CyBOK website: 

Digital Security by Design (DSbD)

The Digital Security by Design Challenge has made a lot of progress and is now moving into a period of deeper connectivity across three sectors: Telecoms, Energy and Automotive Connectivity. Some useful talks from CyberUK are now available and can be found from the links below:

Their Mid-term report is also now available on the site.

Empowering Women to Lead Cyber Programme

We are still waiting for dates for this to run in Wales, but there are programmes across the UK if you are further afield. This latest podcast from TechUK covers the benefits of the programme and the importance of supporting women in this sector: 

Cyber Advisor Scheme

The Cyber Advisor scheme provides assurance that its members can offer excellent, reliable, independent and cost effective advice to small organisations wishing to implement the 5 Cyber Essentials Technical Controls, but lacking the in-house knowledge and skills to either do so themselves (or identify a 'good' supplier.)

In order to offer this NCSC-Assured service, an individual needs to pass the 'Certificate of Competence in Cyber Essentials Implementation'. More detailed information about the scheme is available here: and information about the assessment and what is required is available here:

There is an assessment centre happening in Cardiff on 12th September which currently has a few places still available. If you are interested you can find out more here:  

Next Women in Cyber Meeting 

We are hoping to run our next event in late September / October. As soon as we have a firm date we will let you know. 

Young Women in Cyber

It looks like we will see the launch of the Young Women in Cyber network in November. If you know of a young person aged 16-25 who would like to join the event please ask them to register their interest in the network using this link:

For now, have a wonderful summer and see you in September!


Cofion cynnes | Kind regards  
Clare Johnson 
Sylfaenydd Menywod Mewn Seiber Cymru | Founder Women in Cyber Wales 

Funded Digital Apprenticeships - Cardiff Metropolitan University

Published: 2nd August 2023

Cardiff-Metropolitan-University-logo - Breathe:

Cardiff Metropolitan Unversity are offering Funded digital apprenticeships in the following subjects:

  • BSc Applied Data Science
  • BSc Applied Software Engineering
  • BSc Applied Cyber Security
Who is the funding for?
The funding can be used for both new apprentices coming into the business or existing staff who are looking to upskill to achieve a degree. Some may have already studied related qualifications at a lower level such as a Level 4 apprenticeship or a HNC/HND.  Previous qualifications could be used to enter the degree at a later stage meaning their time spent studying at the University is shorter.
How much funding is available?
The Government will pay a contribution of up to £27,000 per employee. This is £9000 a year over 3 years which is the equivalent to the full time tuition fee for University students. This does not have to be replayed should employees not complete the course.
How long does the course last?
The courses each last 3 years for anyone who enters with no previous University qualifications. For those with pre-standing qualifications they may be able to enter at a later stage via the recognition of prior learning which would shorten the course duration. .
What are the attendance requirements?
Apprentices will be required to attend University 1 day per week during term time at our Llandaff campus, this is for a total of 24 weeks of the year only.  

Learn more or register your interest here


Cyber Advisor Scheme

Published: 26th July 2023

IASME is partnering with the NCSC to deliver the Cyber Advisor scheme. It provides small and medium sized organisations with reliable and cost effective cyber security advice and practical support.


In the past, organisations seeking help from an NCSC approved cyber security expert tended to be very large and complex or be from the defence, security or banking industries or part of the critical national infrastructure. If your requirements are complex, or you operate in a nationally critical sector, see the NCSC Assured Cyber Security Consultancy scheme pages.


Today, expedited by the pandemic, the widespread adoption of digital technology for products and services has made basic cyber security essential to every business that connects to the internet. Accessibility to this protection contributes to the national security of the UK. Consequently, the NCSC aims to extend its reach to offer a trusted source of cyber security advice to a wider range of organisations.


Despite a growing emphasis on cyber security, many organisations often find it hard to choose the right help to meet current guidance. The Cyber Advisor scheme aims to ensure the understanding and application of trusted cyber security advice.


Find more information on how the scheme works and finding your cyber advisor here


FREE Digital Skills Bootcamps

Published: 21st July 2023

Institute of Coding Skills Bootcamps

Looking to upskill, reskill or retrain? Check out the collection of Skills Bootcamps offered by the Institute of Coding.


They are entirely free for learners and will help you build your tech skills.


Working across all universities in Wales to deliver these skills both virtually and in-person. Details of courses delivered in Bangor University, Wrexham Glyndwr University, University of South Wales, Aberystwyth University, University of Wales Trinity St David, Cardiff University and the Open University will be announced soon!


See what courses are available


Skilled Armed Forces veterans looking for a company like yours

Published: 5th May 2023

Hire a Hero is a charity that supports service leavers through the transition into civilian life. We work in partnership with public, private and third sector organisations to provide a network of support and to signpost service leavers to the most appropriate resources as required. 


Our mission is to support all service leavers and veterans, regular or reserve from all three services, regardless of time served, make the successful transition to meaningful, sustainable civilian employment.


Post a Vacancy

The Hire a Hero team sources appropriate vacancies for our job board whilst promoting the benefits of recruiting ex-military personnel to all businesses and organisations we connect with. Hire a Hero also attends various employment fairs throughout the year, we also provide a Career Coaching service to help and assist with your job search, employment advice and to make the successful transition into civilian employment. 


Become a Career Coach

Could you benefit from the support of a one-to-one Career Coach? Hire a Hero trained Career Coaches can offer you individualised support.


Help to raise money

Hire a Hero already has had supporters attempt Europe’s highest peak, skydive, rally across the desert, take on obstacle courses, and we hope that this will offer you an inspiration to undertake your own fundraising challenge. Of course, you don’t have to go to those extreme levels to raise funds for Hire a Hero, something as simple as a bake sale, concert or an evening’s event can raise vital funds for the heroes we work with.  The team at Hire a Hero will help you in putting together materials to promote your event, draft press releases, a blog on our website and promote whatever it is you intend on doing in our monthly newsletter.


Contact us

Our offices are at Queens Head Buildings, 12 Moor Street, Chepstow, NP16 5DD

+44 (0)1495 366670
[email protected]


Cyber Innovation Hub Challenge

Published: 13th February 2023

Challenge background

The Cyber Innovation Hub has been funded by the Welsh Government and Cardiff Capital Region with a mission to transform the Cardiff Capital Region into one of the UK’s leading cyber security clusters by 2030.  One of our objectives is to create more than 25 high-growth companies and, working closely with our industrial partners, this challenge programme is our key way of achieving that objective.  We aim to work with businesses and the public sector to pull through market-led innovation challenges – then drive rapid development of new, innovative solutions. The objective is that these will be tightly tailored to industry demand and attractive to private equity investors.


We’ll match-make challenge responders with entrepreneurs in the Alacrity Foundation’s incubation programme, building a team around the challenge responder, and providing them with support and services to scale quickly.  Teams will have access to internationally recognised researchers at Cardiff University.  These researchers have experience of generating and validating cyber security solutions on world-class testbeds. Teams will also have co-working space at Tramshed Tech – alongside existing cyber and digital SMEs.  The overall aim is for these teams to become new businesses at the end of the 12-month programme.


We are pleased to launch our very first challenge.  We are seeking innovators with potential solutions to the challenges identified below.


Challenge details

We are looking to identify, develop and demonstrate innovative solutions in the areas outlined below.  The challenge areas have been chosen to broadly align with challenges identified by the National Cyber Security Centre as ongoing dialogue suggests they are important to our industry partners.  We would ask you to think about the challenges and how you might solve a specific problem related to these areas.  The challenge areas are as follows:  

  • Operational technology
  • Protecting SMEs and citizens
  • Incident response for SMEs and citizens
  • Industrial IoT encryption

Call for Action

We are looking for ideas to address the cyber security challenge areas noted above.  

Challenge call launched Friday 3 March 2023
Online briefing event Thursday 23 March 2023, 1400-1500 UK-time.
Challenge call closes 12 noon (GMT) on 28 March 2023
Applicants notified 1 May 2023
Projects commence June 2023
Projects end June 2024

* Please note dates are subject to change *


To respond to the Call for Action, please use the form linked below.  Responders have the option of responding using the text form or uploading a five-minute video that outlines their proposal.  A set of guidance notes to help responders has been developed as is available here.


In any of the projects, we need ideas that can be rapidly developed and tested with the potential to be scaled and used across the UK over the coming months. 


Following the closing date, responses will be assessed by a panel of Cyber Innovation Hub partners to determine suitability and potential market viability.  If required, interviews with challenge responders may be arranged.


If successful, challenge responders will be invited to join the Cyber Innovation Hub innovation programme.  This programme, run by the Alacrity Foundation in Newport, will partner you with a team with the aim of creating a viable business with a market-ready solution.  The incubation programme is 12 months in duration and you will be expected to be located in the Cardiff region whilst you are on the programme.  To assist with costs, a stipend of £1,500 per month is offered.  The programme will guide you through ideation, product development and testing, marketing and revenue generation.


Throughout the programme you will have access to research expertise at Cardiff University, the incubator experience of the Alacrity Foundation and have access to the wider tech ecosystem through TramShed Tech.  Teams will be able to access physical space at TramShed Tech and the Alacrity Foundation.  The Cyber Innovation Hub is also in the process of designing and implementing cyber security testbeds in the innovative Sbarc|Spark building.  Throughout the programme you will also have support from our industry partners to ensure that market viability is at the forefront of development.


Free Graduate Recruitment for Cyber businesses in South Wales

Published: 23rd November 2022

I would appreciate it if you could share my contact details with any Cyber businesses in South Wales, that might want to benefit from free Graduate recruitment with the Venture Graduate programme. Please see below an overview of what we do:


Introducing - Venture Graduatesfree Graduate Recruitment for businesses based in the Cardiff Capital Region. Funded by the Cardiff Capital Region, we have already successfully placed over 100 graduates with a wide variety of employers in a diverse range of industries in the last 18 months. Moving forwards we are focusing on our priority sectors which includes Cyber Security.


We offer an end-to-end service that includes:  


  • Identifying the role and skills you need 
  • Crafting a Job Description/Advert for you 
  • Creating and managing a bespoke recruitment campaign  
  • Assessing & Interviewing all graduate applicants – this can include video interviews or online programming tests for any technical/coding roles  
  • Shortlisting the best talent for your business 
  • Career Accelerator Programme - a personalised development programme that supports your graduate in maximising their potential with you – this includes online courses such as “Cyber Essentials” and “Cyber Security Operations: CISCO” delivered through our University partners
  • Delivering a complete talent solution that’s shaped around your business


If you are interested in our services, then please get in touch and we can arrange a call/meeting to discuss further.


Kind regards,


Jack Taylor
Graduate Recruitment Lead

[email protected]

Connect with me on LinkedIn

Venture Graduate Website  

CIISec Apprenticeship Programme

Published: 14th September 2022

Here at CIISec we have a several opportunities to get involved in the CIISec Apprenticeship Programme & Associate Development Programme!


Are you engaging? Are you an educator in the Information Security industry? Would you like to inspire the next generation of Information Security professionals? If so, then we would love to hear from you to host an upcoming webinar session.


The topic areas we are speakers for are listed below:



  • 11th October 22 Session 11 – E1, E2 Secure Operations Management and Service Deliveryโ€‹
  • 8th November 22 Session 12– F1, F2 Intrusion Detection and Analysis & Incident Managementโ€‹


  • 26th October- Session 1- Security Management
  • 23rd November- Session 2- A3, A4 Strategy and Business Innovation
  • 21st December- Session 3- A2 Governance, Policy and Standards



  • 9th November- Session 2- Threat Intelligence, Threat Assessment and Threat Modelling
  • 7th December- Session 3- Risk Assessment


If you would like to be a speaker for any of these topics/or would like to know more please do get in touch with either myself or [email protected].

Cyber sectoral analysis 2023

Published: 7th July 2022

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has commissioned Ipsos, an independent research organisation, to carry out an important survey about the cyber sector. They are inviting organisations that offer cyber security products and services to take part.


Over 115 cyber businesses have already participated. Taking part will help to influence government policy and support in the area of cyber security. The study will be published on GOV.UK. Last year’s report and press notice can be found here:


Please contact Ipsos at [email protected] with a date, time and phone number, and Ipsos’ Edinburgh telephone team can set up an appointment. As a thank you for taking part, we will make a £10 charity donation on your behalf.


Ipsos is working with Perspective Economics and the Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT) at Queen’s University Belfast on this important study, which is also endorsed by techUK and UKC3.


Find out more, including Ipsos’ privacy notice, on the GOV.UK website at:

Cyber Wales is an ECSO Qualified Issuer

Published: 01 November 2020

Cyber Wales is very proud to be the only Qualified Issuer of the coveted "Cybersecurity Made in Europe" label in the UK. This new initiative from the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) was launched in July 2020 and Cyber Wales are one of 11 founding Partners including cyber ecosystems from Belgium, France, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Finland and Bulgaria.

The key purpose of the Label 'Cybersecurity Made in Europe' is to serve as an industry-driven marketing instrument to promote qualified European-based cybersecurity companies and increase their commercial exposure far beyond their traditional home markets. European cybersecurity companies from the European Union Member States (EU27), the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and European Economic Area (EEA) countries, as well as the United Kingdom (UK) will be eligible to apply for the Label.

More information about how cybersecurity companies in the UK can apply for this can be found here.



Want to contribute to meaningful conversations around the technology and digital solutions required to future-proof the Alliance? Do you have unique insights, perspectives or expertise you'd like to share with a vibrant audience of decision makers, leaders and experts?

NATO seek contributions from speakers from industry and not-for-profit organizations (e.g. academia and applied research) for breakout sessions at NATO Edge 24.


Who: We welcome applications from industry experts, thought leaders, researchers and innovators from the 32 NATO member countries. 

When: Submit your proposals by 23:59 CET on 30 June 2024. Get notified on selection by 04 September 2024.

What: Only proposals with complete information will be considered for selection. Each submission will be assessed against the following selection criteria: 

  • Goal and content: The proposal aligns to the requested content and achieves the defined goal. 
  • Format:  The proposal fits into the desired format in terms of structure and process.
  • Audience: The proposal attracts, addresses and adds value to the defined target audience 
  • Speaker(s): The speaker(s) represents the required expert knowledge, case/client/user experience and mix of different views. 
The following topics are of particular interest:
  • Cloud Adoption Journey
  • Mission-Ready Software: Platform Engineering enabling a Secure Software Development Lifecycle
  • GenAI Safety, Assurance and Responsible Use
  • Licensing, contracting and sharing of data for AI
  • Space Domain Awareness
  • Employment Options of LEO SATCOM for military usage in NATO context
  • Post-Quantum Security
  • Zero Trust Architecture and Technologies
  • Green IT and Sustainability
  • Supply Chain Quality and De-Risking
  • Outsourcing Best Practices

For More information or to submit a proposal visit: 

Join Now

Ready to get involved? Sign up FREE to become a member of the Cyber Wales Ecosystem.