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Help to Grow Management Programme - Cardiff Metropolitan University

Published: 18 January 2022

There is a great opportunity that we are offering at Cardiff Metropolitan University that we would like to make you all aware of.

We are offering a brand new course in Cardiff Met and it's 90% funded by UK government.

It's called the Help To Grow Management Course.

Our first group commences in Feb 2022 – here is the LINK to our webpage which provides more detail and the curriculum and delivery structure. The Help To Grow Programme provides 1-1 business mentorship and world-class training for leaders of small and medium-sized businesses.

The key features are:

  • ✔️50 hours of 1-1 business mentoring
  • ✔️Sessions are short, on-line and can easily fit around your work schedule
  • ✔️90% funded by the UK Government
  • ✔️Grow your business, fast
The eligibility criteria for funding is:
  • - The business must have between 5 and 249 employees
  • - The person attending must be a decision maker in the business
  • - The business must be operating for 1 year or more
If you need any further information, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Many Thanks

Tara Williams
Degree Apprenticeship​s Lead | Arweinydd Prentisiaethau Gradd
Cardiff School of Technologies Degree Apprenticeships

Welsh Government Economic Contract

Published: 12 January 2022

Annwyl Sefydliad Cynrychioli Busnes

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda

Hoffen ni roi’r wybodaeth ddiweddaraf ichi am y fersiwn ddiwygiedig o Gontract Economaidd Llywodraeth Cymru. Isod mae neges sy’n rhoi rhagor o fanylion ynglŷn â’r Contract Economaidd a’r newidiadau sydd wedi cael eu gwneud. Bydden ni’n ddiolchgar iawn pe gallech chi rannu’r neges hon â’ch aelodau.

Efallai’ch bod eisoes wedi clywed bod Llywodraeth Cymru wrthi’n adnewyddu ei Chontract Economaidd. O fis Ionawr 2022 bydd rhai newidiadau’n cael eu gwneud i’r ffordd y cytunir ar y contractau hyn a hoffem eu hesbonio i chi er mwyn i chi fod yn barod ar eu cyfer.

Mae'r Contract Economaidd yn gytundeb rhwng Llywodraeth Cymru a chi, y busnesau rydym yn eu cynnal. Mae'n cydnabod eich cyfraniad at wireddu ein gweledigaeth ar gyfer economi llesiant sy'n creu ffyniant, sy’n amgylcheddol gadarn, ac sy’n helpu pawb i wireddu eu potensial. Mae'n gofyn i chi, fel busnes, feddwl sut y gallech newid rhai o'r pethau rydych yn eu gwneud; newidiadau a allai helpu’ch busnes drwy ei wneud yn gryfach ac yn barod i ffynnu yn y dyfodol. Rydym wedi ymrwymo i weithio mewn partneriaeth â busnesau fel eich un chi ac mae'r contract economaidd yn esbonio sut y byddwn yn eich cefnogi.

Mae Llywodraeth Cymru wedi ymrwymo i gryfhau'r Contract Economaidd ac adeiladu ar yr effeithiau da y mae eisoes yn eu cael. Rydym wedi diweddaru'r pileri (yr arferion busnes rydym yn eu hasesu) ac wedi cyflwyno addunedau o ran eich cynlluniau ar gyfer y dyfodol. I wybod mwy am y contract newydd, ewch i'n gwefan: Y Contract Economaidd | Busnes Cymru.

Os hoffech gael contract economaidd â ni a chael manteisio ar ein help, gall ein rheolwyr a’n cynghorwyr ddangos ichi sut mae cwblhau contract economaidd – gallwn wneud hyn gyda’n gilydd. Os oes gennych Gontract Economaidd eisoes, does dim i chi ei wneud! Mae'n parhau'n ddilys. Ond os hoffech ragor o gymorth gan Lywodraeth Cymru yn y dyfodol, bydd angen i chi ddiweddaru’ch contract.

Byddwn yn parhau i wella'r contract, a'n cam nesaf yw esbonio’n gliriach beth yw’r safonau yr ydym yn disgwyl i fusnesau eu cynnal. Rydym am iddi fod yn hawdd i bawb ddeall beth mae Contract Economaidd gyda Llywodraeth Cymru yn ei olygu. Fel rhan o'r broses hon rydym am siarad â chi am eich blaenoriaethau a rhoi cyfle i chi rannu eich arbenigedd. Os hoffech fod yn rhan o'r broses hon, cysylltwch â'n Rheolwr Ymgysylltu,
Susan Francis.

Dear Business Representative Organisations

Happy New Year

We would like to update you on the refresh of the Welsh Government Economic Contract. Below is a message that gives further detail on the Economic Contract and the changes that have been made. We would welcome your support by asking you to share this message with your membership.

You may be aware that the Welsh Government is refreshing its Economic Contract. From January 2022 there will be some changes to the way in which these contracts are agreed and we would like to share these with you so you can be ready.

The Economic Contract is an agreement between the Welsh Government and the businesses we support. It recognises the contribution which you make to achieving our vision for a well-being economy which drives prosperity, is environmentally sound, and helps everyone realise their potential. It asks businesses to think about how you might change some of the things you are doing; changes which will benefit your businesses by making it stronger, more resilient, and ready to thrive into the future. We are committed to working in partnership with businesses like yours and the economic contract sets out how we will support you to do this.

The Welsh Government has committed to strengthening the Economic Contract and building on the positive impact it has already had. We have updated the pillars (the areas of business practices we assess) and have introduced pledges to recognise your future plans. To find out more about the refreshed contract you can visit our website: The Economic Contract | Business Wales.

If you want to enter an economic contract in order to receive our support you will be guided through the process of completing an economic contract by our relationship managers and advisors – it is done together. If you already have an Economic Contract you do not need to do anything! It remains valid. Should you wish to seek further support from the Welsh Government in future however we will ask you to update your contract.

We will continue to improve the contract, and our next step is to provide more clarity around the standards we expect to see from businesses. We want it to be easy for everyone to understand what it means to have an Economic Contract with the Welsh Government. As part of this process we want to talk to you about your priorities and give you an opportunity to share your expertise. If you would like to be part of this process please contact our Engagement Manager,
Susan Francis.

Cofion gorau / Best wishes

Susan Francis

Rheolwr Polisi – Gwerth Cymdeithasol a Marchnadau Lafur / Policy Manager – Social Value and Labour Markets,
Polisi Economaidd | Economic Policy
Cyfarwyddiaeth Busnes a Rhanbarthau | Business and Regions Directorate
Llywodraeth Cymru | Welsh Government

Considering Germany 2022

Published: 10 January 2022

Are you considering expanding your business in the EU via Germany in 2022? If so, I can help – see This service is free and confidential.

I represent the State of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), Germany’s No. 1 inward investment location adjacent to Belgium and The Netherlands on the river Rhine. Over 1,700 UK firms are already based in NRW including AO, BP, Dyson, GKN, Lush, INEOS and Vodafone.

I advise on:

  • Registering a corporation in NRW, Germany (usually a GmbH) - there is a €3,000 grant for this – please ask for details
  • Recruiting staff in Germany
  • Finding property to rent or buy in NRW, Germany
  • Do’s and Don’ts of doing business in Germany
Please can we discuss?

Kind regards.

Andrew Harfoot
UK Representative

NRW.Global Business, United Kingdom / London
Trade & Investment Agency of the German State of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW)
Spaces Monument
The Minster Building
Great Tower Street
London, EC3R 7AG, United Kingdom
[email protected]

UK Cyber SMEs: Government wants to hear your views!

Published: 6 January 2022

The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) and the Department for International Trade (DIT) are seeking to understand the barriers that UK Cyber SMEs face on entering and operating in developing foreign markets, and what measures are required to better support UK Cyber SMEs in these markets.

As such they are asking cyber SMEs to complete a short survey by the end of January. You can find more information and a link to the survey here.

Thanks for your support.

Rebecca Bryant
Head of Regional Engagement
Cyber Security Directorate
4th Floor, 100 Parliament Street
London SW1A 2BQ
[email protected]

FIC International Cybersecurity Forum 2022

Published: 16 December 2021

I am pleased to announce ECSO partnership with the FIC International Cybersecurity Forum, taking place from the 7th to the 9th June 2022 in Lille Grand Palais.

Dedicated to exchanges of views and professional meetings, the International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC) has become the leading European event on cybersecurity and digital trust. This year, for the first time the FIC Start-up Award is open to all European start-ups, and we strongly encourage you to share it with your ecosystem or to apply.

The FIC Startup Award aims to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in the cybersecurity sector. The jury consists of end-users, investment funds, representatives of ANSSI and the Ministries of Interiors and of the Armed Forces. One or more innovative companies are rewarded each year. You can find further details at this link.

In addition, ECSO start-up Members who wish to participate with a booth are eligible for a 10% discount: € 3969,00 ex-tax. The offer is valid until the 15th January 2022. If interested, please contact
Pierre Corpel mentioning “ECSO membership”.

Thank you and have a great day,
Best regards,

Danilo D’Elia, Ph.D

Senior Policy Manager
European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO)

UK Cyber-SME Exports Survey

Published: 13 December 2021

The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) and the Department for International Trade (DIT) are seeking to understand the barriers that UK Cyber-SMEs face on entering and operating in developing foreign markets, and what measures are required to better support UK Cyber-SMEs in these markets. The work is being carried out by the ACE capability within the Home Office Homeland Security Group on behalf of the FCDO and the DIT and is focusing particularly on the Digital Access Programme countries: Brazil, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa. However, experience in similar and neighbouring countries is also of interest.

As part of this work, ACE is seeking to gather the thoughts and opinions of UK Cyber-SMEs directly through a short survey (see link below) as this will be the most effective way to identify both barriers and potential solutions. ACE would greatly appreciate if you could take 5-10 minutes of your time to complete this survey. In order to support your response, ACE will provide a short presentation with a summary of its findings to date which focus on the market opportunity, cyber awareness and common barriers and opportunities in each of the target markets.

Please click here to respond to the survey.

If you have any questions, concerns or would like any further information before responding, please feel free to contact us directly
Chris Sweeney

Many thanks,

Chris Sweeney
Senior Business Consultant
Principle One

Cyber Exchange Newsletter - December 2021

Published: 7 December 2021

Welcome to what’s likely to be the last Cyber Exchange Newsletter of 2021. After a hectic period for the sector, things are slowing down as we head into the festive season. (Although there is a little thing called the National Cyber Strategy expected shortly, so keep your eyes peeled for any updates on the website and/or via our social channels!)

News and Opportunities

November was a busy publication month – from key sector reports and Government responses to calls for views, to new legislation – so, there’s been a lot to digest. Indeed, the first big report of the month was, of course,
the NCSC’s Annual Review, which looked at some of the key developments and highlights between September 1 2020 and August 2021, including the NCSC’s response to the huge rise in ransomware attacks and the protection services it’s provided.

The second significant publication of November was KPMG UK’s and the NCSC’s report on diversity and inclusion in the cyber security industry, which for the first time included additional characteristics such as disability and neurodiversity to give a more detailed picture. While progress is being made, the report makes it clear that there’s still work to be done; and KMPG UK and the NCSC’s continued commitment to ensuring that diversity and inclusion is at the heart of the future of the sector is very welcome many.

In other news, DCMS launched the
Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure Bill in the Commons this month, and the Government has also been busy responding to both the calls for views on supply chain security and amending the NIS regulations. Last, but by no means least, the other big story of the month was of course that the Telecoms Security Act become law when it received Royal Assent on 17 November.
As usual, December is a little quieter on the event front; but there’s a lot of activity expected in 2022, so do keep an eye on our Events page as next year’s calendar starts to fill up!

Get involved!

Open opportunities include the
Digital Secure by Design Software Ecosystem Competition; and DASA’s new Innovation Focus Areas called Reducing the Cyber Attack Surface and Autonomous Resilient Cyber Defence.

As ever, if you have an opportunity or event you would like to publish on the website, or if you would like to feature in the Spotlight section of the newsletter, please get in touch any time:
Jill Broom

Very Best,
Jill Broom, Cyber Exchange


Welsh Government - Tech Export Cluster Dubai Mission - Deadline: 15th January 2022

Published: 06 December 2021

Welsh Government invites Welsh Fintech and Cyber Security companies to participate in its export market visit to Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Why UAE/ Dubai Expo?

The UAE is a vibrant economy, which is consistently in the top 10 markets for Welsh Exports. More specifically, Dubai is one of the world’s top ten FinTech hubs, which is being driven by transformational change in the Financial Services sector across the whole region of the Middle East, Africa and South Asia.

This change has been accelerated during the pandemic by increased demand from both private and commercial customers, especially in strategic industries like banking, communications, transport and storage. And this is matched by the willingess of local and International banks to meet the challenges with innovative FinTech and Cyber Security solutions.

We’re delighted that this trade mission coincides with Dubai Expo2020, enabling Welsh exporters to participate in this unique and prestigious world event

Why Attend?

This visit offers an opportunity to showcase your company, gain valuable contacts and develop your Exports in this region.

By participating in this visit, you will benefit from:

  • Cost effective means of visiting the market.
  • Network and engage with key businesses and decision makers in the market
  • Sharing knowledge and information with other mission participants
  • Assistance with travel arrangements through appointed travel agent
  • Attend networking events
  • Inclusion in any marketing material

The Cost

The Welsh Government is supporting* companies to take part in this export market visit. There are two options of support for this visit:

Support for travel only

The cost is £1000. This includes:
  • Return flights
  • In-market transfers
  • 5 night’s accommodation with breakfast
  • Attendance at in-market events
  • Inclusion in any marketing material
Support for travel and arranging meetings for new exporters or new to market

The cost is £1000. This includes
  • Return flights
  • In-market transfers
  • 5 night’s accommodation with breakfast
  • Attendance at in-market events
  • Inclusion in any marketing material
  • and Arranging meetings with up to 6 business contacts

This offer is available to one representative per company. Deadline for application is 15th January 2022

*Subject to eligibility.

For this exhibition, there is only a limited number of packages available, please sign up early to avoid disappointment. Please note, as a result, of COVID-19 and travel restrictions, this exhibition may be subject to change or cancellation at short notice. Travel will only be permitted and subject to the latest regulations from the Welsh Government and restrictions in this market.

For more information click

IPA programme on 15 and 16 December

Published: 29 November 2021

We really appreciate that we are able to continue providing the UK IPA programme for our long-term strategy, to raise awareness of the UK’s world-leading position in cybersecurity amongst future CISO candidates from leading Japanese companies and to further promote the UK-Japan cooperation in this area as well as the UK cyber export to Japan which shall benefit us all.

Today, I am sharing with you the final programme below for your reference.

Also, a few notes:

WebEx link

  • I will have forwarded you the WebEx link for you to access on the day of your presentation separately.
  • Please do let me know if you will not have received the invite by return please?
  • We would most appreciate if you could make sure to log in 5 mins before the time of your session.
  • If you experience any problem on the day, please let the course director below know.
Professor Yoshiki Kadobayashi

Presentation link
Also kindly specify the confidentiality of the information by TLP in the presentation deck please?
  • TLP AMBER (only shared with the session attendees)TLP YELLOW (ICSCoE course attendees, and the course tutors)
  • TLP GREEN (ICSCoE course attendees, their companies and across IPA)
  • TLP WHITE (no confidentiality)
Wednesday 15 December: Day 1 - UK Cybersecurity Policy & Sector

9:00-9:03 GMT/18:00-18:03 JST
Opening Remarks

9:03-9:40 GMT/18:03-18:40 JST
Darren Goff, Director of Trade and Investment Japan/Deputy Trade Commissioner North East Asia, British Embassy Tokyo

9:40-10:20 GMT/18:40-19:20 JST
UK Cybersecurity Policy and Sector Overview( (27 min + 10 Q&A)
Chris Lambert, Assistant Head, Cyber Security Exports, UK Defence and Security Exports, Department for International Trade

10:20-11:00 GMT/19:20-20:00 JST
National Cyber Security Centre: Its remits and policy implementations (30 min + 10 min Q&A)
Dan H, International Desk Officer, International Engagement Team, National Cyber Security Centre

10:20-11:00 GMT/19:20-20:00 JST
Wales Cyber Cluster (30 min + 10 min Q&A)
John Davies, Founder, CyberWales
Sumitaka Matsumoto, Director, Japan Cluster of Cyber Security Professional

Thursday 16 December: Day 2 - Supply Chain Cybersecurity

9:00-9:35 GMT/18:00-18:35 JST
Supply Chain Cybersecurity HMG policy (25 min + 10 min Q&A)
James Deacon, Security by Design team, DCMS

9:35-10:25 GMT/18:35-19:25 JST
Case study 1: OT Security (20 min)
Martin Smith, CB MBE DL, Managing Director, Cyber Prism

9:35-10:25 GMT/18:35-19:25 JST
Case study 2: IoT Security (20 min)
Chris Jones, Security Specialist, Crypto Quantique
Q&A (10 min)

Critical Infrastructure Incident Response (25 min + 10 min Q&A)
Dougie Grant, Managing Director EMEA, Nihon Cyber Defence

Please do let us know if you have any question or require any assistance for your presentation.

Thank you again for your contribution to the programme and kind regards,

Atsuko Kikuchi
Senior Trade Adviser | Cyber Security, Security, Civil Aviation and Space Technology | Japan
Department for International Trade | British Embassy Tokyo

Pakistan Agency call for Investigations and Forensics Solutions

Published: 19 November 2021

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) in Pakistan have asked if any members of the Cyber Wales ecosystem have any software or hardware tools available to resolve issues around Cyber Crime Investigations and Digital Forensics.

The Federal Investigation Agency, being Pakistan's premier investigation agency, deals with multifaceted serious and organized crimes like Immigration, Anti-human Trafficking, Anti-corruption, Protection of Intellectual Property Rights, Cyber Crime, Money Laundering etc.

At the same time, it is the lead agency for investigation of important cases of terrorism and terrorist financing and is also the headquarters of Interpol Pakistan.

This vast array of investigative work and diverse responsibilities make FIA an important organization not only for Pakistan but also an essential partner for the international community in dealing with transnational crime.

The FIA as an organization is striving hard to deliver the best services possible to the national and international community through a team of dedicated, professional and competent officers.

Fully aware of the critical role of the international organizations, the NGOs and media, in making FIA a responsive, accountable and service oriented organization and their motto is “Commitment to combating organized crime” in an efficient, skilled and impartial manner.

If you think you can help please contact [email protected]

TechNation Opportunities Newsletter - 18 November 2021

Published: 18 November 2021

Here's my question for you this month in the form of a linkedin poll: How would you like to listen to podcasts to help you scale a tech company?


  • The Term Sheet Explained: PWC and the British Business Bank are joining forces for a series of webinars in November all around equity fundraising and this session is guiding you through the term sheet and how to assess the terms under which you might enter into. The last session is happening on Tuesday 23rd November.


  • 10 month legal support for tech scaleups - AG Elevate: Addleshaw Goddard is a big legal firm that runs a really interesting 10month programme for selected high-tech businesses designed to accelerate them through legal challenges that arise when they grow.
  • You can also sign up for some useful materials covering fundraising, regulation, data & privacy, brand protection, property, & software, here:

  • Our partners for the Tech Nation D&I Toolkit, "All In", are looking for founders who want to champion D&I in the startup/scaleup world. If you're interested in joining the first alpha community with them you can find out more here

Accelerator Programmes
  • Transport for Wales are launching the 4th cohort of their rail innovation accelerator programme. Previous Welsh cohort members you may know include Yoello, Route Konnect, Immersity, and more. You can find out more about the programme and apply for the next cohort here.

Tech Nation Events
  • Thought Leadership Session as a sales tactic: Date: 10th December at 1pm. Register here.

  • Business Development in South East Asia: If you're considering expanding your business into the APAC region, Tech Nation is holding the APAC Webinar Series which aims to bridge the gap by exploring common issues faced by companies on their international expansion into the APAC region. The next event is on Business Development 23rd Nov at 9am.

Gino Brancazio, Entrepreneur Engagement Manager - Wales ([email protected])


Supporting Victims in a Digital World Focus Group

Published: 5 November 2021

Dear colleague,

Join us at the 'Swansea Cyber Clinic' - a pilot project looking at victim support needs in a digital world, to develop a Swansea focussed response.
With widespread scams, online abuse and disinformation increasing everywhere, we want to know how victims’ needs are changing and what the Swansea Cyber Clinic should offer to help those who help victims.
We are inviting practitioners in frontline victim support/protection roles, from the third, private and public sectors to explore how victims\’ needs are changing, the strengths and weaknesses of the current support available, and how it may be improved in the future.
Together, we will design a prototype ‘cyber clinic’ which might include tools and resources to help victims of what we now traditionally think of as ‘cybercrime’ (e.g. online fraud, computer hacking), but also of ‘hybrid’ threats and harms, which can include both online and offline elements (e.g. online abuse, hate crimes, coercive behaviour, intimate partner violence, etc).
Join us at a virtual focus group between November 2021 and January 2022 to:

  • Share your experience and learn from other like-minded practitioners
  • Contribute towards identifying best practice
  • Have early access to research reports and recommendations
  • Be invited to partner with the team in future initiatives

If you are a service manager or a practitioner in an organisation which plays a role in responding to victims’ needs and would like to take part, please contact us for more information at: [email protected]
This project is being led by researchers at Swansea University, in partnership with the local SWP Cybercrime Unit and the Swansea Council for Voluntary Service (SCVS), with funding from the Morgan Advanced Studies Institute (MASI).

We look forward to hearing from you
The Cyber Clinic Team

Cefnogi Dioddefwyr mewn Grŵp Ffocws Byd Digidol - Gwahoddiad

Annwyl Gydweithiwr,
Ymunwch â ni yng 'Nghlinig Seiber Abertawe' - prosiect peilot sy'n edrych ar anghenion cefnogi dioddefwyr mewn byd digidol, i ddatblygu ymateb Abertawe.
Gyda sgamiau, cam-drin ar-lein a gwybodaeth anghywir yn cynyddu ac yn ymledu ym mhob man, rydym am wybod sut mae anghenion dioddefwyr yn newid a beth dylai Clinig Seiber Abertawe ei gynnig i helpu'r rhai sy'n helpu dioddefwyr.
Rydym yn gwahodd ymarferwyr mewn rolau cefnogi dioddefwyr/diogelu ar y rheng flaen, o'r sectorau cyhoeddus, preifat a'r trydydd sector i archwilio sut mae anghenion dioddefwyr yn newid, cryfderau a gwendidau'r cymorth presennol sydd ar gael, a sut y gellir ei wella yn y dyfodol.
Gyda'n gilydd, byddwn yn llunio prototeip o 'glinig seiber' a allai gynnwys offer ac adnoddau i helpu dioddefwyr gyda'r hyn rydym yn meddwl amdano'n draddodiadol fel'seiberdroseddu' (e.e. twyll ar-lein, hacio cyfrifiaduron), ond hefyd fygythiadau a niwed hybrid , sy'n gallu cynnwys elfennau ar-lein ac all-lein (e.e. cam-drin ar-lein, troseddau casineb, ymddygiad gorfodol, trais yn erbyn partner agos etc).
Ymunwch â ni mewn grŵp ffocws rhithwir rhwng mis Tachwedd 2021 a mis Ionawr 2022 er mwyn:
  • Rhannu eich profiad a dysgu gan ymarferwyr tebyg i chi
  • Cyfrannu at nodi arfer gorau
  • Cael mynediad cynnar at adroddiadau ymchwil ac argymhellion>
  • Cael eich gwahodd i fod yn bartner gyda’r tîm mewn mentrau yn y dyfodol
Os ydych chi'n rheolwr gwasanaeth neu'n ymarferwr mewn sefydliad sy'n chwarae rôl wrth ymateb i anghenion dioddefwyr a hoffech gymryd rhan, cysylltwch â ni am ragor o wybodaeth yn: [email protected]

Arweinir y prosiect hwn gan ymchwilwyr ym Mhrifysgol Abertawe, mewn partneriaeth ag Uned Seiberdroseddu Leol Heddlu De Cymru a Chyngor Gwasanaeth Gwirfoddol Abertawe (SCVS), gydag arian gan Sefydliad Astudiaethau Uwch Morgan (MASI). Edrychwn ymlaen at glywed gennych, Y Tîm Clinig Seiber

Industry placements available for curriculum staff

Published: 26 October 2021

We are looking to set up some placements in industry for Bridgend College staff.

We are really keen to offer some placements in cyber, but currently do not have any opportunities secured, Could the Cyber Wales cluster help?

Do let me know if you would like to arrange a quick call to discuss, or you have any questions/require any further information.

Thanks and all the best,

Liz Rees
Project Coordinator – Building Resilient Communities in FE
Tel | Ffôn: (01656) 302 302 ext. 139
Email | E-bost: [email protected]

Cardiff School of Technologies - Industrial Liaison Committee (ILC) Re-launch!

Published: 22 October 2021

On behalf of everyone at Cardiff School of Technologies, we do sincerely hope that this email finds you as well as possible after a very challenging period for all.

Since we last talked…

It’s certainly been a very busy 18 months or so for us, here, with our new building first opening in February of 2020, just two years after we enjoyed our School launch at the Senedd building. We didn’t get to enjoy our facilities for too long before we needed to switch to online delivery of our programmes, during which time, both staff and students showed extraordinary levels of commitment, resilience and professionalism. We are very proud of all of their efforts. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, we have also grown considerably as a School over the past 18 months or so. We have more than doubled the number of academic staff and, in doing so, expanding our capacity to provide world-class education, research and innovation. New programmes have come on line, including Degree Apprenticeships, and we have expanded our state-of-the-art campus facilities, with more set to open in the coming months. I invite you to take a look here.

Re-launch of Industrial Liaison Committee

As we take these tentative first steps back in to on-campus life, we would really love to take this opportunity to re-launch our Industrial Liaison Committee by inviting our friends and colleagues to visit us on campus as soon as it is safe to do so (Covid permitting, we would love to do this in December). The ILC serves as a great opportunity for employers to tell us what they want to see in our graduates. In doing so, we can collaborate to help ensure that we are contributing towards our students’ ambitions to make a full and meaningful contribution to meeting the needs of business and industry when they graduate. We will be meeting twice per year, but there are many other ways to get involved, too. Some members may get involved with industrial-based (real world) assessments, input on new programmes, guest talks, attending student presentations or even coming to campus to sit in our new facilities and chat with our staff and students.

If this is something you or a colleague would be interested in, please complete the online form (link below). If you have already been a member, we’d be most grateful if you could please complete the form as an expression of your continued interest. We know that a lot may have changed for individuals since we last met.

Please feel free to share the link below with other colleagues in your organisation or externally who might be interested.

ILC Registration Form:

In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me below and I will be more than happy to help.

On behalf of everyone at CST, we send our warmest wishes

Catherine Tryfona
Associate Dean Partnerships | Deon Cysylltiol Partneriaethau
Cardiff School of Technologies | Ysgol Dechnolegau Caerdydd
Cardiff Metropolitan University | Prifysgol Metropolitan Caerdydd

New Zealand trade deal announcement

Published: 21 October 2021

Prynhawn da bawb/ Good afternoon all

After 16 months of negotiations, UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, and New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, have reached agreement in principle for a UK-New Zealand free trade deal. I wanted to write to ensure that you and your members have access to the agreement in principle document and key information which can be found here:

The New Zealand import market is expected to be increasingly important to Welsh businesses, not least since it is forecast to grow by around 30% by 2030. The agreement will end tariffs on UK exports, create new opportunities for tech and services companies, and make it easier for UK professionals to live and work in New Zealand.

It will bring a number of benefits to Wales’ large and small exporters, for example:

  • Welsh auto companies will benefit from the removal of tariffs of up to 10% and build on their £3.4m of exports to New Zealand last year.

  • Financial and insurance service companies, fintech and health tech companies, will have greater access to New Zealand’s market and easier digital trade and business travel.

  • Welsh furniture makers will benefit from the removal of 5% tariffs, creating an opportunity to grow sales to New Zealand worth £1.1m last year.

  • Professionals such as lawyers and architects will have more opportunities to set up and work in New Zealand.

  • It will ensure that business can use electronic transactions, e-signatures and e-contracts, will make trade more efficient for the 25% of UK SME exporters that already trade with New Zealand. A dedicated small business chapter in the agreement includes practical support and participation in trade promotion programmes, making it easier for Welsh SMEs to export to New Zealand.

  • The deal will remove tariffs on Welsh food and drink exports which had constrained export growth opportunities such as gin (up to 5%), chocolate (5%) and pork (5%).

  • The New Zealand agreement in principle follows one already struck with Australia and an advanced free trade agreement secured with Japan and helps pave the way for UK to join Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), a free trade area of 11 Pacific nations with a GDP of £8.4 trillion in 2020.  Beyond this, the top 10 key benefits for the agreement with New Zealand can be found here:

    I know that a number of you are already engaged in understanding the implications of the deal, including through the agriculture Strategic Trade Advisory Group taking place currently. Should you wish to discuss the UK-NZ free trade deal further, please get in touch with the team here who can make arrangements for you – Tom Taylor and Jordan James

    Diolch/thank you
    Tom Taylor | Dirprwy Cyfarwyddwr, Cymru | Deputy Director, Wales
    Adran Masnach Ryngwladol | Department for International Trade


Published: 21 October 2021

Registration for the CyberFirst Girls Competition 2022 is now open!

We’d love your help to spread the word amongst your colleagues, local schools, and friends and family. We’ll soon have a short animation that will be shared on our NCSC Social Media channels #CyberFirst, so please feel free to share or retweet this also.

We want you to spread the word to your colleagues, local schools, family and friends. We’ve put together a teachers’ pack which can be found at to help teachers encourage their students. In it, they’ll find everything they need to know about signing up a student team in just a few minutes – and, most importantly, why it’s worth being part of this story. There is even a short animation for them to play in class, to help get the girls interested in taking part.

Find out more about the CyberFirst Girls Competition 2022 on our website:

Together, we can empower more girls to discover a career in cyber and where they can play their part in making the UK the safest place to live and work online.

We thank you in advance for your continued support to the CyberFirst scheme.

The CyberFirst team

TechNation Opportunities Newsletter - 21 October 2021

Published: 21 October 2021

Some opportunities and resources that may be of interest. Bit of a long one this month as it's been a while!

Investment and Fundraising

  • Applications for Playfair Capital's Europe-wide remote Female Founder Office Hours are now open! Designed to create an opportunity for women founders to connect with VCs, they have 110 VCs from across Europe signed up. It's your chance to pitch or get feedback from leading investors.
  • OpenVC - An open list of VCs filterable by thesis, stage of investment, first cheque, etc
  • BBB and PwC are doing a series of 3 events for Fundraising - Investor Readiness, Valuations and Term Sheet Explained
  • Huckletree is co-hosting VC Connect office hours with Lakestar, the VC firm investing in technology companies led by exceptional entrepreneurs. Early investments included Skype, Spotify, Facebook, and Airbnb. Since raising the first fund in 2013, Lakestar manages an aggregated volume of over EUR 1bn across three early-stage funds, and more recently a growth fund.Open to founders who are looking to raise in the near future, VC Connect offers a chance to get 30 minutes of informal, personalised virtual advice, insight and feedback, completely free. Founders can apply for a 30 minute slot below: All Founders: 15th December - Lakestar, the VC firm investing in technology companies led by exceptional entrepreneurs. Early investments included Skype, Spotify, Facebook, and Airbnb. Since raising the first fund in 2013, Lakestar manages an aggregated volume of over EUR 1bn across three early-stage funds, and more recently a growth fund.Open to founders who are looking to raise in the near future, VC Connect offers a chance to get 30 minutes of informal, personalised virtual advice, insight and feedback, completely free. Founders can apply for a 30 minute slot below: All Founders: 15th December - Lakestar, the VC firm investing in technology companies led by exceptional entrepreneurs. Early investments included Skype, Spotify, Facebook, and Airbnb. Since raising the first fund in 2013, Lakestar manages an aggregated volume of over EUR 1bn across three early-stage funds, and more recently a growth fund.Open to founders who are looking to raise in the near future, VC Connect offers a chance to get 30 minutes of informal, personalised virtual advice, insight and feedback, completely free. Founders can apply for a 30 minute slot below: All Founders: 15th December - Black Founders: 24th November
  • Impact X Capital VC - Venture Capital firm, founded to support underrepresented entrepreneurs across Europe.
  • Founders Factory Launch Sustainability Seed Programme with 150k Euro equity investment for Pre-Seed/Seed climate tech companies with a North Star of reducing GHG
  • Tom Blomfield's Guide to Investing - Tom, co-founder of Monzo and GoCardless posted this guide on Twitter and it looks most relevant for founders who are raising a Seed or Series A round, with some amount of product development and early customer traction.
  • Funding and Grant Support with DRIAD - Grant support often comes up in my conversations with scaleups and this week this company was highly recommended by my fellow EEMS.
  • Current Dynamics in HealthTech by ScaleUp Group - ScaleUp Group helps entrepreneurs with Series A investment and are particularly good at helping you become investment ready and what metrics you need. This event is relevant for anyone seeking funding and investors participating in delivering technology to the UK Health & Care sectors.
Jenny Millar (formerly of eBay) from Untapped Pricing has a playlist of useful insights into how to price your product and services

Cybata are offering to run a free webinar on "Leadership in GDPR for Tech Companies" please respond to let me know if you are interested. The session would cover:
* GDPR compliance means adequate cyber-security, why? * Business valuation and GDPR, how can we maximise the valuation on sale? * What goes wrong? Examples from Retail, Construction and Health sectors * The 2 first steps every startup needs to take

Hiring & Talent
Tech Nation are hosting three webinars about talent acquisition in the APAC region

International / Exporting
Tech Nation's Australia Fintech Playbook is live on the website. Handy for any UK fintechs wishing to capitalise on Australia's burgeoning financial services sector. This report gives a clear overview of the opportunities in the market, with helpful insight into policies and incentives across Australian states and growing key sub-sectors.
DIT are launching the Export Support Service, a new helpline and online service where all UK businesses can get answers to practical questions about exporting to Europe.

Diversity and Inclusion
Tech Talent Charter Toolkit - there's a whole host of resources here. I particularly like the Inclusion and Diversity Directory which I recommend signing up to. It's in airtable format that you can filter by location, type, age etc. for all the D&I initiatives across the UK.

Opportunities and Innovation Challenges
The West Midlands Health and Wellbeing Innovation Network is looking for companies that can solve a range of challenges around healthcare Leading Resolutions are looking for solutions to get them on the right path towards their carbon negative journey.
Deutsche Telekom is looking for innovators/experts who can assist in creating a seamless virtual personalised assistant to help with daily life.
OMD are seeking new innovations within the AdTech and MarTech sector, this could include Alternative means for media measurement or Software as a Service (SaaS)

Thanks, Gino Brancazio, Entrepreneur Engagement Manager - Wales ([email protected])


Published: 18 October 2021

We need technology now more than ever – and it needs to be safe, secure and suitable for everyone to use. Which means identifying and nurturing talented young students to protect us from online threats. It’s why we’ve created the CyberFirst Girls Competition, designed to show more girls aged 12 and 13 what a career in cyber security looks like, why it matters and where it could take them.

Through our four cyber security characters; Captain, Logic, Chatter and Vision; we’re showing girls everywhere that the diverse talents and skills they have are valued in the world of cyber security – and that they can help keep themselves, their families and our nation safe and secure.

How can you help?

We want you to identify your young girls who are leaders, problem solvers, communicators and forward-thinkers, and encourage them to team up so you can enter them in the CyberFirst Girls Competition 2022. And we’ve put together a teachers’ pack to help you. In it, you’ll find everything you need to know about signing up a student team in just a few minutes – and, most importantly, why it’s worth being part of this story. There is even a short animation for you to play in class, to help get the girls interested in taking part.

Find out more about registering for the CyberFirst Girls Competition 2022 and download a teacher pack on our website

. Together, we can empower more girls to discover a career in cyber and where they can play their part in making the UK the safest place to live and work online.

The CyberFirst team

Trade deal with the Gulf Cooperation Council

Published: 13 October 2021

Dear all

I’ve been fortunate enough to meet a number of you in the last three weeks as I have started my new role and I hope to keep up the rhythm of meetings as I find my feet. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us – our approachability as a team and how we connect you to relevant trade developments is important to us.

I’m writing this afternoon this afternoon to let you know the Department for International Trade has published a consultation on a proposed trade deal with the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), in case you haven’t received it from other sources in DIT or elsewhere. Your views will help to inform our negotiating position ahead of launching trade talks.

The GCC is already an important trading partner for the UK as a whole and for Wales, with almost £22 billion of UK exports. Our ambition is that an advanced trade deal would take our relationship to the next level in industries of the future such as digital trade, services and green growth - delivering higher-paying jobs across the country.

Please find the full press release and the link to respond to the consultation here. If you comment on social media please tag the department (@tradegovuk, Instagram, LinkedIn) and our digital team may amplify it on DIT’s own channels.

If you have any questions on this - or anything else - please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Best wishes

Tom Taylor | Dirprwy Cyfarwyddwr, Cymru | Deputy Director, Wales
Adran Masnach Ryngwladol | Department for International Trade .
[email protected]

Wavestone and Cyber Start-up Radar

Published: 13 October 2021

Wavestone is a global technology and management consultancy with a key focus on cybersecurity. As a result of this, on a yearly basis, we conduct a research project aiming to capture the growing UK cybersecurity start-up environment – the last of which was conducted in 2019 (link to the publication).

Taking part in this radar with Wavestone will help improve start-ups visibility, notably with potential clients that we regularly work with on cybersecurity engagements (e.g. in the UK: Barclays, AXA, HSBC, BBC, National Grid, Primark, Legal & General, etc.). Please see this link to read more about our engagements.

Involvement in our 2022 radar is completely free, the only thing we would ask from the start-ups is to meet our criteria (to be headquartered in the UK, to be less than 7 years old and to have a maximum of 35 full time employees) as well as 30 minutes of their time to conduct an interview.

If you could help ask the start-ups to participle or even broker an introduction, it would be appreciated.

Feel free reach out to Florian Pouchet and Lucie Watrin if you have any questions or would like to talk about this initiative!.

European Investment Advisory Hub and ECSO announce first step towards a new pan-European cybersecurity investment instrument

Published: 08 October 2021

Dear signatories of the Letter of Intent to support European cybersecurity investment landscape, I am sharing with you the announcement about the launch of the work on the feasibility study on the design and set-up of a European Cybersecurity Investment Platform (ECIP):

The press release is here:

I believe you will find it interesting for your community. Don’t hesitate to spread the news through your communication channels.

Thanks a lot for your support,
Best regards,
Danilo Delia.

RSA Conference 2022

Published: 4 October 2021

Dear all,

This is a quick note to all relevant contacts (accelerators, industry bodies etc) who may be attending or taking companies to RSA Conference UKDSE normally have a pavilion but we don’t have funding this year.

However, we have put on an events programme before and may be able to do the same this year. Firstly, we would like to get an idea of who will be attending or taking companies. Please respond to this email if you wish to be involved in any planning. Feel free to forward on to others you know who may wish to be involved. We will look to set up a virtual meeting in the next few weeks to discuss.


Peter Thompson | Assistant Head, Cyber Security | UK Defence and Security Exports
Department for International Trade | Old Admiralty Building, Admiralty Place, Whitehall, London, SW1A 2DY

NCSC Gateway to Ransomware Guidance

Published: 30 September 2021

Backups Messaging

What would you do if your business files were lost to ransomware?

To get back up and running we recommend Offline Backups, this will enable quick restoration of business functions.
Good backups make getting back to business quicker with less long term impact.
In addition to encrypting files on your computers ransomware attacker attackers will often attempt to corrupt or alter existing backups.

Offline backups are your best defence and will mean encrypted devices can be wiped and restored from Offline backups.
Offline backups (cloud or disconnect physical media) are when the data can be protected from accidental or malicious deletion, they also should offer version retrieval. If you lose access to your files due to ransomware you should protect against this by recovering from an earlier version if a backup has been completed since the attack and preventing deletion of backups.
We recommend that you follow blog on offline backups Offline Backups

RDP Messaging
RDP account compromise is the source of 50% of ransomware attacks. We suggest you turn off RDP. In order to do that you need to understand if you have it.
NCSC’s Early Warning service will help you know and provide many other benefits.

Early Warning
If you identify RDP and didn't know it was on turn it off.
If you have to use RDP we recommend using Multi-Factor Authentication and following the below guidance

MFA Guidance
Make sure you follow the principles of Privileged Access Management (PAM)" PAM Blog
Make sure that the accounts that are allowed to use it have unique passwords - try #3randomwords Three Random Words

Summary of NCSC advice & guidance on ransomware given the ongoing risk of attack.
Ransomware guidance for IT teams:

Ransomware information for board members and staff:

Ransomware information for board members and staff:

Career Wales - DYFODOL DISGLAIR/Brighter Futures

Published: 27 September 2021

Our Visions
To create brighter futures for the people of Wales

Our Purpose
To support young people and adults in Wales to create brighter futures through access to high quality, impartial careers support that makes a positive impact on individuals’ education, economic and wellbeing outcomes.


  • To support delivery of the curriculum for Wales and contribute to the achievement of the four purposes.
  • ambitious, capable learners ready to learn throughout their lives.
  • enterprising, creative contributors, ready to play a full part in life and work.
  • ethical, informed citizens of Wales and the world.
  • healthy, confident individuals, ready to lead fulfilling lives as valued members of society.
Areas of Learning and Experience
  • Expressive Arts.
  • Health and Well-being.
  • Humanities.
  • Languages, Literacy and Communication.
  • Mathematics and Numeracy.
  • Science and Technology.
Why Get Involved
The Business Engagement Advisers bring together schools and businesses to inform, inspire and motivate young people about their career opportunities.

Taking part in activities with employers:
  • Changes the attitudes of pupils to education.
  • Influences pupils’ career plans and subject choices.
  • Motivates pupils to study harder.
  • Helps pupils to achieve better grades.
  • 85% of pupils told us they felt more confident and motivated to do further planning for their career.
  • 97% of pupils told us the session improved their knowledge of the career opportunities available to them.
  • 89% of pupils told us they learned about careers of which they were previously unaware.
  • 88% of parents told us they were more aware of the opportunities available for their son or daughter.

By getting involved you will help to:
  • Support the economy of Wales.
  • Raise your business profile.
  • Raise the profile of the sector.
  • Address the skills gaps in our future workforce.

How can you get involved?
  • Delivering a workshop or masterclass to pupils.
  • Hosting visits to your company for teachers/students.
  • Class or whole year group presentations.
  • Taster sessions.
  • Giving advice and support.
  • Attending careers fairs / carousel days.
  • Providing recorded content to share with pupils.

The Education Business Exchange
  • Employers set out the activities they’d like to get involved in.
  • Employers set out areas of the Curriculum they can support.
  • Employers set out where in Wales they can offer support.
  • Schools ‘shop’ for employers to work with their pupils.
  • Requests for support come through Careers Wales.

School Valued Partner Initiative

What is it?

An initiative that allows us to recognise employers who actively support individual schools through Careers Wales employer engagement activities.

  • The School Valued Partner initiative gives recognition to employers who actively support individual schools through Careers Wales employer engagement activities.
  • Through the initiative, we will identify employers who have an ongoing relationship with schools and who regularly support activities in these schools (a minimum of 3 activities per year). We will then recognise them as Valued Partners of the school.
  • Schools can have multiple School Valued Partners and employers can be School Valued Partners of more than one school.
  • Employers who are identified as School Valued Partners will be nominated for an award at the Valued Partner Award ceremony. The Valued Partner Award ceremony will showcase the initiative and celebrate the relationships between employers and schools.
  • Careers Wales Business Engagement Advisers will chair an introductory meeting between the School Valued Partner and a senior member of the school staff to ensure that the support offered by the employer is recognised at a senior level in the school.
  • Careers Wales Business Engagement Advisers will arrange a termly 'keeping in touch' contact (telephone call or meeting) with the school and the School Valued Partner, offering support and ideas for working together.

For further information please contact [email protected]

Call for placements from Cyber Coleg Cymru

Published: 26 September 2021

New for academic year 2021/22, Bridgend College is delivering an Enhanced programme of study which looks to place students in the cyber security industry for up to 25 days during their course.

As part of the wider Cyber College Cymru initiative, the goal of this programme is to produce work-ready learners who will leave their Level 3 qualification with the skills and knowledge required to enter the workplace. Alongside these placement opportunities, students study for two Microsoft professional certifications, undertake weekly technical workshops and participate in challenge days organised by our industry partners.

We are asking for any offers of work placement, anytime before July 2022. You don’t have to commit to the full 25 days and it could be as little as one week! Anything and everything you could offer would be extremely helpful for us to achieve our goal.

If you would be interested in working with us to provide these meaningful placement opportunities, please contact Scott Morgan in the first instance.

ECSO’S STARtup Award 2021

Published: 14 September 2021

5 events across Europe. 10 most promising cybersecurity start-ups competing for the prize

Together with its European partners, ECSO has launched the 2nd edition of the European Cybersecurity STARtup Award.

The ECSO’s STARtup Award consists of a series of local competitions, which provides a great opportunity to discover the most promising cybersecurity start-ups and new investment opportunities. Here are the upcoming ones:

4 October 2021 – eurobits start-up pitch (online)

17 November 2021 – ECW Investor Day (Rennes, France)

December 2021 – ECSO’s Cyber Investor Days (Helsinki, Finland)

18 January 2022 – Cyber Wales Investor Day (Wales, United Kingdom)

Up to 2 companies from each event will be nominated for the ECSO’s STARtup Award final competition, which will take place as an in-person event in the Hague, in February 2022. We will keep you informed on that!

ECSO’s STARtup Award was initiated in 2020 to accelerate cybersecurity investment activities in Europe and recognise the next European champions in cybersecurity. The Germany-based PHYSEC became the first European cybersecurity company receiving the ECSO’s STARtup Award (more here).

Women in Cyber Wales Update - 10th September 2021

Published: 10th September 2021

Happy Friday Everyone!

Women in Cyber Wales Meeting - 7th October 2021
We've just published details of our next event, which will be held online on 7th October, 3.30-5pm. We've got some truly brilliant speakers lined up for you, Lorraine Dryland (Global CISO, First Sentier Investors), Dr Hoda Alkhzaimi (Director, Centre of Cyber Security, New York University in Abu Dhabi), Anna-Lisa Miller (CISO, Spectris) and Chani Simms (Managing Director, Meta Defence Labs). All the details and booking form are here: Please come along and listen to some great women talk about their work and experiences in the sector. You'll have a chance to ask them your burning questions too!

Next Tech Girls
We've been talking to Marie-Clare from Next Tech Girls ( about a future work experience event (online) providing girls an opportunity to talk to industry about the exciting careers that technology can offer. This will include workshops and presentations on things like recruitment processes, appropriate educational pathways and hints and tips to improve their tech skills. If you'd like more information and might be interested in your company being involved, please contact Marie-Clare on [email protected]

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) is hosting an SME workshop in collaboration with the Crown Commercial Service on Tuesday 21st September at 11am. This workshop will aim to outline and clarify the Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for SMEs, identifying common issues experienced when using the framework, highlighting routes to market, and making the framework easier for businesses to use. DCMS will also be providing a high-level overview of their work, setting out the strategic context of cyber - particularly how the department can support SMEs going forward. Click here to register.

Developing Entrepreneurial Women Programme
USW are running a series of expert-led masterclasses and networking sessions for female founders in the early stages of mobilising start-up ideas. There are an excellent range of sessions available, fully-funded, including Virtual Networking, DIY Website Design, Canva, Developing Your Online Brand and much more. For full details and to book your place please visit:

And if that doesn't quite work for you, how about the Google Startup Academy at Tramshed? This is a 12-week programme starting 30th September designed to teach early stage business owners and entrepreneurs everything they need to know about building a successful business. As well as peer-to-peer sessions, progress support and a large range of on-demand video & written support content, the cohort will also have access to a range of our partners to include Barclays Eagle Labs, Geovation and Fintech Wales. The final week will involve pitching to a panel of investors whereby one lucky startup will receive £10,000 in equity-free cash and mentoring support from Google for Startups. More info at

Tramshed also have a couple of jobs going that may be of interest: Innovation Project Co-ordinator and Enterprise and Innovation Assistant. More details here:

Finally, I don't know what's happened to the fonts in this mailing! I've tried to get them all the same but to no avail, so I've opted for variety as they say that's the spice of life 😉

Kind regards
Clare Johnson, Founder Women in Cyber Wales
Clare [email protected]

Cyber Exchange Newsletter - May 2021

Published: 28th May 2021

Welcome to the May edition of the Cyber Exchange Newsletter. It's been an absolute whirlwind of a month, packed full of news and developments for the cyber sector, so it's safe to say there’s been no trouble finding material for this edition!

News and Opportunities
Perhaps the biggest generator of this month's news was the first ever virtual CYBERUK, which was streamed across the world on 11 and 12 May. It offered a host of interesting keynotes, including those from NCSC CEO Lindy Cameron and Director of GCHQ Jeremy Fleming; the Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab; and the Home Secretary Priti Patel, as well as insightful panel discussions with cyber experts exploring the key issue that COVID-19 has not just changed the way we work, it's changed the cyber threat we face. You can read the summary of the Professionalising cyber security discussion on our website, or you can catch up on any of the sessions on the CYBERUK 2021 YouTube channel.

It was also good news for two CyberASAP projects at CYBERUK, with MaCRA winning the CyberDen and Seclea receiving one of three Notable Mentions – find out more here.

The NCSC has had a busy month, publishing its 14 Cyber Security Principles for secure smart cities of the future, as well as guidance with the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) to help UK start-ups working on world-leading emerging technology to secure their innovations from a range of security risks. Furthermore, the NCSC and KPMG UK launched their second Diversity and Inclusion survey and we’d encourage anyone who works, or has worked, in a cyber role to share their views. You can take the survey here.

And, it might be the last week in May, but it\’s by no means the least on the news front with DCMS announcing the 14 winning SMEs of its competition to find the UK’s Most Innovative Cyber Security SME 2021; and the launch of the UK Cyber Cluster Collaboration (UKC3) to support economic growth in the cyber industry and encourage greater collaboration across regions and nations of the UK.

Get involved!

There are plenty of areas for industry to get involved in helping to shape and inform Government\’s thinking with various Calls for Views being launched in May, including that from DCMS which seeks input from organisations on how they manage supply chain cyber risk; and the Home Office\’s open consultation of the Computer Misuse Act.

Additionally, there are some interesting opportunities with Crossword Cybersecurity: the first is an invitation to participate in new product development, the second is researching problems of supplier assurance and supply-chain risk management. And, finally, a last call for innovative SMEs working in the UK cyber ecosystem: there’s still time to enter techUK\’s Cyber Innovation Den Pitching Competition But, hurry, entries must be in by 5pm on 4 June!

As ever, if you have an opportunity or event you would like to publish on the website, please get in touch with Jill Broom, Programme Manager for Cyber & Central Government at techUK at [email protected].

In the meantime, stay safe!

The Cyber Exchange team

Cyber Resilience Centre for Wales is Open - REGISTER TODAY

Published: 29 April 2021

The Centre exists to support and protect businesses and third sector organisations in the Wales against cyber-crime.

Defend against the latest online crime threats through our business memberships. The Cyber Resilience Centre for Wales partnership with local Police Forces, Universities, our Advisory Group, Cyber Expert Group and wider business network means our memberships offer the very best guidance and support for businesses of any size.

The first step to cyber resilience is knowledge. By staying updated on the latest cyber threats, you have a greater chance of preventing attacks on your business. To help you stay up to date, we provide you with regular e-news, resources and updates, relevant to SMEs.

We provide a small range of affordable cyber resilience services with the very current knowledge and technical expertise from the UK's top university cyber talent. Our services help SMEs and the wider supply chain to prepare and improve cyber resilience.

Membership with us provides benefits through a range of packages which support you, or your supply chain, in your journey to becoming cyber resilient. From free resources for small businesses, to strategic CISO groups, membership options are designed to meet your needs.

Core Membership is FREE
It includes:

  • NCSC Guidance - How organisations can protect themselves in cyberspace, including the 10 steps to cyber security from the Government NCSC division.
  • NCSCs Exercise In A Box – a tool to give your organisation a ‘dummy’ run of a cyber attack. Similar to testing your fire drill. Tailored for different sized organisations.
  • NCSC Board Toolkit - Resources designed to encourage essential cyber security discussions between the Board and their technical experts.
  • E-news – regular digestible updates relevant to Welsh organisations about cyber resilience.
To sign up and/or check out the levels of paid Business Membership please CLICK HERE

Awen Collective awarded the ECSO "Cybersecurity Made in Europe" Label

Published: 11 March 2021

Awen Collective is one of the first companies in the UK to be awarded the coveted "Cybersecurity Made in Europe" label.

This new initiative from the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) was launched in 2020 and Cyber Wales are one of 11 Founding Partners and the only Qualified Issuer of the Label in the UK. The key purpose of the Label 'Cybersecurity Made in Europe' is to serve as an industry-driven marketing instrument to promote qualified European-based cybersecurity companies and increase their commercial exposure far beyond their traditional home markets.

Awen's "Dot" offering is a software system which performs Asset & Vulnerability Discovery on Operational Technology (OT), including ICS, SCADA and IIoT systems. Built using security-by-design and safety-critical scanning technology to support modern and legacy networks, using deep packet inspection and exclusive active scanning software to build a full picture of your network.

Awen's "Profile" is a web application which guides investigation by operators of essential services and their service providers, using the Cyber Assessment Framework (CAF) released by the NCSC, to ensure their industrial organisation is compliant with the NIS Directive.

It has been verified, using ENISA's Indispensable Baseline Security Requirements, that the Awen's solutions are:-

  • Secure by design, being conceived, designed and implemented to ensure the key security properties of confidentiality, integrity, availability and accountability are maintained;
  • Secure by default, being supplied with the confirmed capability to support these security properties at installation; and
  • Secure throughout their lifecycle, as maintained from initial deployment through maintenance to decommissioning.
European cybersecurity companies from the European Union Member States (EU27), the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and European Economic Area (EEA) countries, as well as the United Kingdom (UK) are eligible to apply for the Label. More information about how cybersecurity companies in the UK can apply for this can be found here.

Cardiff Metropolitan University Forming a Curriculum Advisory Board for Cyber Courses

Published: 3 March 2021

Cardiff Metropolitan University has received funding from the Welsh Government to offer staff the opportunity to study for a fully funded digital degree in Cyber Security. The programme entitled BSc Applied Cyber Security is a brand new programme which will be launched in September 2021.

As such we are looking for interested companies to get in contact with us to join our advisory board which will be brought together in order to develop the content of the BSc Cyber Security programme to ensure our content is cutting edge and as industry relevant as possible.

Further information regarding the offering is below:

Who is the funding for?
The funding can be used for both new apprentices coming into the business or existing staff who are looking to upskill. Some may have already studied related qualifications at a lower level such as a Level 4 apprenticeship or a HNC/HND. Previous qualifications could be used to enter the degree at a later stage meaning their time spent studying at the University is shorter.

How much funding is available?
The Government will pay a contribution of up to £27,000 per employee. This is £9000 a year over 3 years which is the equivalent to the full time tuition fee for University students. This does not have to be repayed should employees not complete the course.

How long does the course last?
The courses each last 3 years for anyone who enters with no previous University qualifications. For those with pre-standing qualifications they may be able to enter at a later stage via the recognition of prior learning which would shorten the course duration.

What are the attendance requirements?
Apprentices will be required to attend University 1 day per week. Currently sessions are delivered online due to Covid-19 however we would like to return the sessions to the classroom as soon as possible. This would involve attendance at our Llandaff Campus generally in line with a normal working day.

What is the course content?
We are currently working on the content of BSc Cyber Security in preparation for launch in September and are looking to work with interested companies to ensure the content is industry relevant. If you are interested in becoming a member of this group please contact Tara Williams, Degree Apprenticeships Lead via [email protected].

We also have opportunities for funded degrees in Data Science and Software Engineering. Software Engineering is also under development for launch in September 2021 but BSc Applied Data Science has been running for two years and the information on this is attached.

Cardiff University call for MSc Dissertation Projects - March 2021

Published: 24 February 2021

I am reaching out today because here at Cardiff it is that time of year again when our students in the Cybersecurity MSc and in the Data Science Academy (DSA) are looking for dissertation projects.

We always try to provide them with industry projects, to give them experience and the opportunity to apply what they have learned. More importantly, though, these projects could be a great way for *you* to have a student investigate or solve a speculative research-type problem or prototype and evaluate some solution. Hosting a project might even help you identify potential candidates, in case you are hiring.

So, would you be interested in proposing a project (or two) in the areas of Cybersecurity or Data Science? If so, please fill in the following form:

We will then be in touch to see how we can take your project forward. Even if you only have the idea for now, please get in touch, and we will be happy to help refine it to a suitable project.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an e-mail and I will do my best to clarify.

Thanks, Dr Philipp Reinecke, Lecturer, School of Computer Science & Informatics, Cardiff University

Cardiff and Vale College free Microsoft Technical Courses

Published: 20 November 2020

Cardiff and Vale College are running a set of fully funded Microsoft IT Technical courses.

The courses comprise:

  • Microsoft Azure Fundamentals.
  • Microsoft Technical Associate Security Fundamentals.
  • Microsoft Technical Associate HTML Application Development Fundamentals.
  • Managing Microsoft Teams (Microsoft Certified Associate.)
  • Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure (Microsoft Certified Associate.)
Also included in the attached document is the module content, suggested aligned job roles, and delivery dates.

These courses are open for enrolment as of today and are available, fully funded for organisations (in Cardiff and the Vale) provided they have not exceeded their DeMinimis State Aid funding threshold.

If you think the above might be of interest to any members of Cyber Wales, please do feel free to share this opportunity, along with my contact info.

Chris Duffy, Commercial Business Partnerships on [email protected]

Cyber Wales is an ECSO Qualified Issuer

Published: 01 November 2020

Cyber Wales is very proud to be the only Qualified Issuer of the coveted "Cybersecurity Made in Europe" label in the UK. This new initiative from the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) was launched in July 2020 and Cyber Wales are one of 11 founding Partners including cyber ecosystems from Belgium, France, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Finland and Bulgaria.

The key purpose of the Label 'Cybersecurity Made in Europe' is to serve as an industry-driven marketing instrument to promote qualified European-based cybersecurity companies and increase their commercial exposure far beyond their traditional home markets. European cybersecurity companies from the European Union Member States (EU27), the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and European Economic Area (EEA) countries, as well as the United Kingdom (UK) will be eligible to apply for the Label.

More information about how cybersecurity companies in the UK can apply for this can be found here.

Maryland Welcomes Cyber Delegations

Published: 13 August 2020

We represent Maryland's Department of Commerce office in the UK/Ireland and we want to invite Cyber Wales Cluster and your members to Maryland. Of course, we understand international travel and delegations are not at the front of everyone's minds at the moment, however having organised many delegations in the past, we know they take months of planning, hence why we are approaching you now.

We would like to arrange a time to discuss a possible partnership with you to add value to your next US delegation and invite Cyber Wales to visit the State of Maryland, which is uniquely positioned next to Washington DC.

We can offer a complimentary, fully curated and bespoke 1-2 day schedule for your cohort, with relevant site visits and sessions with high-level speakers from the ecosystem.

Maryland has developed into the U.S. headquarters of cybersecurity: The home of Fort Meade, housing among others the NSA and Cyber Command, which has resulted in one of the most sophisticated and skilled cyber security environments in the world.

Please do let us know if such an opportunity is of interest.

Angela Macias, FDI/Trade Specialist, Maryland Office of International Investment and Trade, [email protected]

NCSC Staff Training Online Guidance

Published: 6 August 2020

The NCSC's new e-learning package 'Top Tips For Staff' can be completed online, or built into your own training platform.

For these reasons, the NCSC has produced a new e-learning training package:'Stay Safe Online: Top Tips for Staff'.

Originally released in June 2019, it’s totally free, easy-to-use and takes lessthan 30 minutes to complete. The training introduces why cyber security is important and how attacks happen, and then covers four key areas:

  • Defending yourself against phishing
  • Using strong passwords
  • Securing your devices
  • Reporting incidents ('if in doubt, call it out')

The training is primarily aimed at SMEs, charities and the voluntary sector, but canbe applied to any organisation, regardless of size or sector.

It's been deliberatelydesigned for a non-technical audience (who may have little or no knowledge ofcyber security), with tips that complement any existing policies and procedures.

Cyber Wales runs Cluster Webinars for the UAE and Middle East Region

Published: 24th June 2020

The Cyber Wales Ecosystem brings together Government, Business, Academia, Law Enforcement and the Military in a unique collaborative venture aimed at tackling cyber crime and helping people and organisations to better protect themselves from the cyber threat.

Over the years, Cyber Wales has become internationally recognised as a centre for excellence in Cyber and is one of the Founding Members of the Global Ecosystem of Ecosystems for Partnership & Innovation in Cyber. As more international cyber communities learn about the breadth and depth of cyber expertise in Wales there are more and more requests for advice, guidance and collaboration.

One such collaboration has resulted in a Memorandum of Understanding with partners in the United Arab Emirates and the development of channels to market across the wider Middle East Region.

To help grow this partnership, Cyber Wales will be running a series of Cyber Cluster meetings, being run as webinars, especially for partners and colleagues in the UAE to provide guidance and advice on the following critical topics:-

* The Cyber Threat Landscape - to better understand what we are up against
* Measuring Cyber Risk Posture - using Best Practice Frameworks
* Implementing Cyber Protection - with leading edge Systems & Technologies
* Building Cyber Awareness - by developing a cyber secure culture

These sessions are designed for people leading projects to transition back to business as usual and are particularly suitable for change managers, heads of operations, heads of HR, chief information security officers, legal counsels and data protection officers.

The webinars will start at 2pm UK time which will be 5pm UAE time, so as not to disrupt the working day in the Middle East, and they will be run on the 1st Sunday of each month. Sunday is a weekend in Wales but it is the first day of the working week in the Middle East where weekends are on Friday and Saturday.

If you'd like to find out more, feel free to attend these sessions which are being run on the first Sunday of each month.

Please contact us for more information on being a speaker at this unique example of international collaboration and information sharing as Cyber Wales joins with the cyber community of the UAE to deliver world class advice and guidance.

NCSC CyberTV connecting Schools to Industry in Wales

Published: 16th June 2020

I would like to see if we can use the Welsh Cyber Clusters to facilitate more companies to support Schools/Computer Science teachers.

We have welsh schools now applying for the new CyberFirst School standard, but not the number I hoped for, and I am thinking one of the stumbling blocks may well be that we are looking for industry/school partnerships, so I am keen to see how we can foster interest in Cyber related companies (both big and small), to support schools.

Obviously currently with COVID19 measures, we are limited in the school as a whole to engage with a company, but I have been working on a virtual offering looking to put together Video logs on the CyberTV channel ( where we are asking staff from companies to share details about their roles, companies, career route/choices and what they like about working in the Cyber Security environment. The aim of this is to increase student inspirations and aspirations to want to get into the Cyber Industry.

We have had some great vlogs from the likes of CACI/Deep3, SANS, PWC, and BAE Systems to date which have been well received by the students of schools in Gloucestershire.

What would be good I think would be to get some staff from companies in Wales that schools/students can connect with (perhaps even a bit of Welsh language as well)

Obviously this site offers companies marketing reach as their logo's can go up on the site, and from there we encourage them to become members of the CyberFirst industry scheme also to get formal NCSC/Govt recognition.

Find out more about becoming a CyberFirst School.

TARIAN shares advice from the NCSC and NCA

Published: 19 March 2020

I have been asked to disseminate the below to all interested parties following communication from the National Cyber Security Centre, National Crime Agency and City of London Police.

‘We are already aware, as a result of this crisis increasing, targeted threats from Hostile State Actors and OCGs against a variety of targets, not least the Critical National Infrastructure and health sector with a number of significant incidents currently being responded to by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and NCA. We have all seen previously the impact such an attack can have, particularly on the NHS, so you will recognise the impact a major cyber incident would have at this critical time of national crisis and legitimate public concern.’

In addition, the existing wider, high volume of sophisticated ransomware attacks, which as you know can cripple an organisation and put it out of business, is also a real concern. The current business as usual level of attacks will have more damaging impact in this period as the businesses themselves, their IT companies and wider cyber security industry have less capacity to respond quickly to mitigate the damage with high levels of staff abstracted through sickness and self-isolation. We can therefore expect the economic and real world impact potentially to be significantly greater than usual and this will increase the number of incidents, victims and investigations.’

In order to combat these potential issues, the following threat and risk areas are being prioritised and advice is attached:

Home working
Wider online fraud

Areas 2, 3, and 4 are of equal priority. In addition the below link highlights an app that claims to provide updates on the spread of coronavirus, but then encrypts the phone -

Also attached is the US alert pdf around Coronavirus_map_Azorult.

If you have any questions or issues about any of the above please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss further, but please share widely certainly with the members of Cyber Wales..

Many thanks,

Symon Kendall | Cyber Officer
Ditectif Gwnstabl | Detective Constable 3385
Uned Troseddau Seibr Rhanbarthol | Regional Cyber Crime Unit
Uned Troseddau Cyfundrefnol Rhanbarthol | TARIAN ROCU
01656 310146 | Ext: 62095

NCSC Blog on Parked Domains

Published: 26 June 2019

NCSC have published a blog reminding organisations that they should apply DMARC on any domains they own but no longer use, as those “parked” domains can still be spoofed.

The blog can be found here:

Call for Partners from NW ROCU

Published: 02 June 2019

Do you want to help us protect people from cyber crime?
Were looking for like-minded individuals to spread the word as widely as they can about the latest scams, threats and advice. That way the region can become more clued up about cyber crime, and together we can make the North West safer online.

It could be that you work for an organisation and are able to persuade your communications team to support a marketing campaign either on your staff intranet or public facing website.

Maybe you are from an IT/Cyber company and you want to ensure the advice you are giving your customers and suppliers about new threats is up to date.

It might just be that you are able to share any messaging we give you on your social media platforms.

Perhaps you are part of a business networking group like a Chamber of Commerce and you are able to share information with your members.

Whatever it is, wed like to know how you can help and were always open to ideas.

So what does it involve?

The first thing we want to do is share information with you about a forthcoming campaign taking place on the 7th June (eeek!) around Phishing e-mails. We have pre-written content which could be used within a newsletter, intranet or website. This is accompanied by social media posts and graphics with its own campaign hashtag. Wed like as many partners as possible to sign up and pledge to support the campaign. Wed need to know what you are able to do to show your support, for example, shared the messages on twitter, our account has XXXX followers or created a page on our staff intranet page which reaches XXX employees. Sending us this feedback through is vital in order for us to show the reach of this work.

How often will I receive information?

How long is a piece of string? In the world of cyber, things move very fast and are always changing. One month we might only contact you once with a new marketing campaign theme around a specific issue. The next month there might be two or three new threats to tell you about. But we promise not to bombard you, and if you change your mind about receiving stuff from us you can always un-subscribe.

How to you get involved?

Simply click on the text below to show your support, then well create a mailing list and add you onto it.

Yes please id like to support NW ROCU

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