Cyber Wales Members

Membership Types

Core Members - individuals or companies with less than 250 employees, actively involved in cyber security and located in Wales are better able to contribute by attending meetings and networking. They will also benefit most from the information and opportunities shared that are specific to the Region.

Enterprise Members - organisations with more than 250 staff, with operations in Wales and actively working in cyber security will be able to contribute through developing opportunities and partnerships with the small, specialist companies in the Ecosystem. They will gain from the value being added to their supply chain.

Supporting Institutions - organisations that are concerned with and make a significant contribution to cyber security such as National or Local Government, Law Enforcement, Public Services, Education, Trade Bodies, Charities etc.

Associate Members - individuals or companies of any size not actively working in cyber security will be able to contribute by providing supporting services such as PR, Recruitment, Legal, Accounting, Investment, Consultancy etc.

International Members - individuals or companies actively involved in cyber security but not based in Wales are less able to attend meetings but will be welcome if willing to travel or join virtual sessions. They will still benefit from information and opportunities shared through the Ecosystem.

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