About Cyber Wales

What is Cyber Wales

Cyber Wales is a representative body with the aim of being the Heart and the Voice of the cyber Communities in Wales.

  • The Heart - because very few people or organisations really understand Cyber.
    Not all "Technology" or "Digital" is Cyber and Cyber is not all "Technology" or "Digital" and bleeding these communities together causes confusion and handicaps growth.

  • The Voice - because too many people and organisations claim to speak for Cyber.
    Bad cyber advice is worse than no cyber advice at all because people will believe they are protected when they are not but thankfully we have the NCSC as our source.
Cyber Wales is a registered CIC and the Management Team, the Cluster Managers and the Steering Committee all strive to provide a platform for Members to find Guidance, share News, ideas and best practice, to encourage collaboration through Clusters, Events and Competitions and to identify Opportunities for the cyber Communities in Wales to thrive and grow.

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